Zhong Hua on Gold $49 crude oil straddle the watershed, ending next week in the super week meet week hamimelon

Zhong Hua on Gold: $49 crude oil straddle the watershed, ending weekly next week in week We want you super attack! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Zhong Hua on Gold: $49 crude oil straddle the watershed, ending in a super week next week at weekly news: Iran and Iraq have successively proposed exemption requirements. The oil production of the two countries was severely inhibited by the international economic sanctions and the deep struggle with the extremist organization Islamic state. Russia has also recently stressed that frozen production is not cut. Whether the Saudi OPEC boss entrusted with the task, reach a cut oil supply over the goal, at present little suspense. Market analysts pointed out that once the exemption request to be approved in Iraq, Russia’s willingness to participate in the coordination of OPEC production meeting will be greatly reduced. In the evening, the Russian energy ministry also said that the agreement on the effect of the freeze production may be short-lived, and the effect of the production agreement may be offset by the rapid recovery of U.S. shale oil production. Oil analysis: from the daily chart, for the first time this week to positive, short-term or modified form, is also not high after closing yesterday on reverse, 49.60 is still in a neutral level, and above the trend line to suppress the rebound has been unable to recover, confirm the extension line Powei trend, finished 50 after the fall, this is high pressure 52, 51 are formed the trend, the 50.20 position may become the key rebound pressure test, do not confirm the efforts can break down low, 50.20 and 51 above the platform resistance does not recover, but the rebound in the middle of the dead. From the four hours chart, Bollinger opening down, long energy volume, RSI Guaitou down. Zhong Hua believes that the operation of the proposed high altitude. More real-time guidance authority operation: 1, zhonghua0288 crude oil near the 49.90 short, stop 0.3, near the target 49.20; 2, near 49.10, stop 0.3, near the target 50; silver market analysis on short silver market trend is obvious, Zhong Hua silver do not go up, have to give $17.8 high, resolutely empty can, this is the author of this week’s ideas. Only in the silver out of the new lows, or touch the bottom of the shape of a $17 low support, it is possible to rise in volume, after all, the environment does not allow silver is now up sharply. The dollar will go up without reference to the dollar! The risk aversion caused by, or technology of dishes, are with the recent silver dollar with the rise and fall, once the risk appetite to return to normal, silver will return to decline. Technically, yesterday k-japanese pressure on rail brin received a small Yin, the price of silver in the form of M double peak of $17.87, that is to say above the silver pressing force is very strong, short-term silver no Chonggao possible, with Bollinger Bands shut, once confined to close line, silver will be the volume down. 240 minutes of short period相关的主题文章:

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