Zhejiang double 11 party to go international fan ratings nearly 1.4 won hypersnap-dx

Zhejiang 11 party go international range of ratings of nearly 1.4 won the Beckham couple Li Yuchun and supermodel catwalk ratings Sina entertainment news double 11 party has now become a national carnival, and black Friday ifheavier. This year, double 11 carnival night in Zhejiang satellite TV [micro-blog], 10 on the evening of 8 to 11:54, the party lasted nearly 4 hours, csm52 City ratings up to 1.397%, the market share of 5.75%, there is no pressure in the ratings champion. In late November 10th eight, by the "gold producer David Super Bowl king" Hill featuring general director of the "2016 double 11 global carnival night" in the grand opening of the Shenzhen Universiade center. In the nearly 4 hours in the evening, Beckham [micro-blog] couple, Kobe, One Republic, Lin Chiling Victoria Song, [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Joker [micro-blog] and other stars have appeared, the full range of children. 2016 pairs of 11 parties settled in Zhejiang satellite tv. From the city network ratings data, the ratings reached 1.397%, the market share of 5.75%, there is no pressure in the ratings champion, at the same time than other programs for nearly 1%. Last year, 2015 pairs of 11 parties settled in Hunan satellite tv. Since it is currently one of the two TV all done this evening, a comparison shall be free.     last year, double the water cube in Beijing held 11 mango, 8:30 started from the evening party, at the end of the 00:43, this year’s Gala broadcast late evening, long flat. On the data, last year’s ratings of 1.470%, the market share of 7.04%, compared to the difference between the ratings of the evening of the two party. For two party users also have a message to express their views, there are people that the overall effect of the party than last year, can not be compared with mango!" Also, someone behind the Zhejiang satellite TV, that this year the party international range of children, more atmosphere. (An Dongwen) (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章:

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