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Wu Xinmei out of Sheenah N street is she beautiful or ugly, Sheenah? Wu Xin this year in the fashion industry can be said to be play a lot, not only is the other western style up, often by the magazine invited took a variety of large. This does not, Wu Xinxin released a group of photos, it is said that the United States turned over a large group of people. It is not, this route can not control the noble glamorous, but feel a little bit like eyebrow look between the Liu Tao lady like other people wearing scarves just had a bath with a towel, but Wu Xin was looking at this body is not bad Oh barelegged shoulder wet hair of Wu Xin feeling the wind also be nothing difficult really dare to try new style, but each attempt grade style are online, fans message said Zhang dumei, also said to throw a few days a few blocks before Madonna Sheenah also took a group photo, the effect well, has been Tucao one round. To this group photo name is: "the ugly cry bangs and will not wear good clothes" Sheenah was the United States nuozha! From the soil sister into a goddess need a few steps? A lot of Sheenah’s own fans tactfully put forward their views of the Sheenah fringe Tucao is not one or two days, before taking part in the "we have come to the" conference has ugly cry a big ticket, did not expect to take this magazine also Liu · · · however, we can not blame people. Sheenah Wu Xin is also a way, after all took a magazine, the effect was much better than Sheenah. Sheenah has been said to be "a sister", whether it is to attend the activities or shooting posters are preferred in the middle, Wu Xin always stand on the side of the side, also said not to many words like but to see the trend, after the development of other than and in fashion circles, Wu Xin will not lose to Madonna.相关的主题文章:

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