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Wu Wangxin: the fed before the bottom of the silver, but gold is not good to say Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Japan is expected to hold 102 pounds again, continue to pressure foreign exchange: the United States and Japan, Japan on Monday closed, exchange rate volatility, today is expected to repair needs, will once again stand on the 102 mark, and the expected impact of Monday’s highs above 102.40. However, this kind of goods today the white plate call but not operation, the European plate has better. Form. GBP: 1.3070-90 continue to hold an empty one, near 1.3030 lighten up after can continue to hold. Before Thursday, the U.S. dollar volatility is not strong desire, the shape is also gradually biased shock. Gold 1318 silver bearish, approaching the ten day: Monday’s high gold in 1318, this has become a key point at the beginning of the week, an important point hinder gold rally position. Analysis of the 1317 and 1322 Monday can be the beginning of the week highs yesterday, silver strong rise to 19.30, gold should be above 1320, but the price of gold is stunned did hit 1320, before the Fed latent force in the gold bull, bull or no counter desire, the price of gold in 5 near the average for a long time to bear strong sideways. Yesterday, there are 61% retail bullish, it also limits the gold rebound, if today continue to a large area of gold is more bullish, not moving up, but easy to fall; if today a large area of retail space, is expected to appear unilateral, caught yesterday is more chips, also is the mood by the multi turn empty trigger unilateral market. However, given the Federal Reserve on Thursday, Tuesday, the price of gold is also very easy to fall into shock, then. If most of Tuesday bullish short to see 1309, if the most bearish see 1305. So, stop near 1315 on Tuesday to stop watching 1309-05 1319. Silver: a strong rebound Monday, prices quickly arrived near 10 and 30 daily daily daily, the fed before the silver appears such a good performance, that some of the main is not concerned about whether the fed to raise interest rates, it seems to tell the investors, regardless of whether the fed plus interest rate hike, the silver market is not lack of funds to do more. In addition, silver rose from the beginning China Mid Autumn Festival holiday after the Asian plate, so long Chinese is likely to come from the main reason may be that the devaluation of the renminbi, long-term support for precious metals, combined with the weekly chart, the price of silver in the near future weekly near mA20, 18.70-17.70 interval layout paper silver strategy and main ideas consistent. Leverage in the long and medium point is not good grasp, at least before the risk of bad grasp. 44 of the crude oil: long short divide finished lower on Monday, the daily closing line of small, because the overall amplitude is limited, so Monday is still shock the city, but closed in vulnerable areas, then the disc before oil prices are expected to remain weak. From the price trend, crude oil and stocks trend similar, rising falling time is consistent, Tuesday morning the stock market form is weak, the price will still be on.相关的主题文章:

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