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Self-Improvement You used to work in an office downtown. Now you have a baby. You had several options, such as hiring a nanny, sending your baby to a day care center and working at home. After a cursory look at the options, you decide to try out work-at-home. A basic assumption is that you are able to work at home, either by having your own business or being allowed by the .pany where you are employed to work at home. Being allowed by your employer to work at home is a rarity because of interoffice activities such as attendance in meetings and rush emergency jobs that need immediate resolutions. Working at home provides flexible time and savings in time and money. However, this can all be lost if not managed properly. The main objective is to enable a person to continue their business while attending to the children. It involves entrepreneurship and parenting at the same time. There are several basic considerations which may help you to achieve both. Get into a business that does not conflict with the childrens time. If your business time conflicts with the childrens feeding schedule or other chores, then a problem arises and one aspect will suffer over time. Flexibility in time loses its meaning when two jobs have to be done at almost the same time. You may need to set priorities and work around them. Your priority at the onset should be the child as there is no way you can forego the needs of the child. The child is dependent on you for its needs and any deviation will affect the child. The business on the other hand can be rescheduled and clients can be advised accordingly. Business clients are more understanding and reasonable once they realize you are a work-at-home parent and the child is your priority. Build your business slowly and carefully. Try out the schedules and see how well you can work within the childs schedules. You may need to do some adjustments until you .e up with a good schedule for the child and for your work. Once you have established the schedules, you can build up your client base within your time framework. Setting schedules with babies is easier than children. Inform the children of your plans to work at home and set out the schedules with them. Children may want to seek your attention very often and might eat into your work schedules. You need to be firm and resolute on your schedules. Remember that an objective on work-at-home is to maximize the time and effort required to take care of the children and at the same time handle your business. Devoting quality time to the children is a noble goal but you should not sacrifice your business as thats where you earn your money to maintain the family. There will be instances when business and children will be in conflict. Hopefully they will be few. Try to work out some remedy for the situation. Taking the children on business errands or rescheduling activities when the children are asleep are possible approaches. With the ready availability of internet functions, work-at-home is more acceptable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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