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Business If you are new store owner or the creator of a business, then one of the things on your mind is the best way to draw customers into your store and hook them on your products. You have probably found out that launching a big ad campaign might be successful for a little while, but people are quick to forget and to move on to newer things. By knowing how a Reward program affects brand loyalty and using it to your advantage, you might find yourself with more business than you hoped for. The reason that stores are constantly on the lookout for ideas like this is because most customers are fickle and will go to whatever place works the best for them at the time. Even if they are pleased with your service and products, they may find themselves going somewhere else simply because it was closer or they were passing by. As a general rule, people are always trying to find ways to save time and squeeze more into their busy schedules, which means they will probably go to the place that is closer over one that is better. Even if they tell everyone they meet how great your store is, they still might find themselves in a different one because they need to get their errands over with as fast as they can. So how can you change this pattern from happening and attract people to come to you no matter what? By creating a rewards program that will give them a reason to go out of their way and come back to you over another place. If there is enough incentive, then even the busiest people will find the time to travel the distance back to your store. One easy way to do this is to make up a card that lets people get a free product after the purchase of a certain amount of others. Rather than heading into the store that they pass by every day, they will remember that if they make the little bit of extra effort, they can be one step closer to a free product. There is rarely a person who does not enjoy something for free. You can also offer credit at your store for a certain small amount of money after a certain amount is spent. This will not only ensure that people come back so they hit the limit, but if they are already in your store and find themselves close to the finish mark, they may end up taking one more item that they did not really need just so they can gain the prize. A third clever way to achieve this goal is to inform customers that those that bring in a friend will get money off their purchase. Here you will gain the friend as a new customer and you will entice the original customer to make an additional purchase in order to collect their discount, which might only be minimal. There are so many ways to create programs that will draw people back in. By knowing how does reward programs affect brand loyalty, you can truly use it to the best of your advantage and ensure that your store is always packed with people, both new and old. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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