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Sports-and-Recreation One sport that was traditionally favored by men but is now popular with women is golf. The game is gaining so much popularity primarily because of its exposure in television. There are many golf tournaments being broadcasted these days since the number of channels has expanded in the advent of cable television. In fact with new technology such as TIVO, people are able to pre program to record such events and other shows on television for later viewing. This has somehow helped sports programs since they now have a newer market who may watch recorded programs thereby making the sport more popular. Another thing that has helped the sport is the demographics. People are getting older and those in the post baby boom generation up to Generation X are finding out this sport which they may be formerly associated as a sport for older people. It may also be that the pressures of work and being confined to office walls may elicit a like for the open space and panoramic view of a golf course. The other thing that has made golf popular to women is its stars: Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa, Grace Park, and Michelle Wie are just some of the women professional golfers who are be.ing household names. In fact the women’s pro tour is full of women from different countries aside from the United States which just goes to show you how worldwide the popularity of this sport has been. And for this, women’s golf apparel has also been be.ing more popular these days. As the top women golf professionals have endorsement with clothing .panies, they get to wear the most update golf apparel available. This has made the models and styles of women’s golf apparel more diversified, especially if you have .pared them to men’s golf apparel. Is it a gender thing? Who knows but certainly the manufacturers are happy that there are more women golfers these days. The designs of women’s golf apparel are far much better also than how it was in the late 70’s. The clever use of colors and fabric has made women’s golf wear more diverse. From the traditional, to the functional, from the professional to the optimal, these designs have made it possible for women from ages 12 onwards to look good in the golf course. And sometimes, looking good is what counts for it gives the person self-confidence and in the scheme of things, it somehow improves their golf game as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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