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Broadband-Internet For those of you in desperate need of finding an answer to a specific question, Yahoo Answers is most surely the perfect solution. The main reason for this is the wide range of fields its subjects cover. Another very important fact regarding Yahoo Answers are the numerous users who are glad to help someone in need whenever a person gets his eyes on a question one might know the answer to. Basically, Yahoo Answers is meant to .plement the already popular Yahoo search engine. Nowadays, according to Yahoo, there are over half a billion users who are registered and happily use these services. The main idea that supports Yahoo Answers is the .monly accepted fact that a group of people can do a better job of finding information on the Internet than a single person, even if she or he will use the best search engines available at the present moment. One of the good things about Yahoo Answers is that anyone who has previously registered with the site in entitled to ask questions or provide answers to other people. We must be fair and admit that there can .e up many outrageous posts. Luckily, these offensive posts can be reported by the users of the site. Yahoo will most certainly do the right thing, meaning that the person in question can be penalized or even banned. Maybe this happens because Yahoo Answers is free to use. Had it cost a few dollars, no one would be writings offensive posts anymore. In order to actually help people trough the Yahoo Answers, you must have a special type of focused knowledge and be glad to be a part of this, in order to make the service work. Many similar sites and services have failed because of the lack of such helpful people, but Yahoo Answers holds on. Even if Yahoo has made numerous efforts to provide more diverse services by incorporating other .munity-based sites, the .petition is very hard, not to speak about the continuous struggle to stay the best in the field! There have even been some malicious allegations about Yahoo posting its own questions on the site to figure out how to turn the service into a winner, but nothing could be determined for sure. Nevertheless, Yahoo Answers still helps people in need receive the information they could not find by using their regular methods. It is somehow similar to a good-hearted person willing to be useful to the .munity, without any money involved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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