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Home-and-Family Ask any parent involved in homeschooling why they opted to homeschool their children and you will see that there are roughly as many answers to this particular question as there are people involved in homeschooling. In some cases, parents want to remove their children from the public schools because they see the public school system as being a failure, or as being positively harmful for their children. Other parents wish to teach their children at home on religious grounds, or because they want to instill specific values into their children which they feel are missing from the public school system. Whatever the reason for teaching children at home, there is little doubt that the majority of parents choose homeschooling because they see it as the best choice for their children. For the majority of parent there are two sides to to the homeschooling equation representing those positive things that it brings to the child and those things that it removes from the child’s environment. Both peer pressure and bullying are widespread throughout our public schools nowadays and often places children under considerable pressure and, on occasions, even place them in danger. Teaching your children at home allows you much greater control over just who your children do and do not come into contact with and the influences they are subjected to. As far as a child’s growth and academic development are concerned there can be little doubt that, in most cases, homeschooling leads to superior results and this is evidenced in things like homeschooled children winning the National Spelling Bees and the number of homeschooled children attaining degrees (often Master’s degrees) at some of our best universities and often at extremely young ages. Naturally many people hold that such children are merely gifted and that their achievements are due to their natural genius rather than to homeschooling. But, if this were to be the case then it is certainly true to say that we are blessed with an abundance of geniuses in our youth. The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day the numbers simply do not support this view. The statistics, which are produced not merely by fans of homeschooling but by bodies such as the US Department of Education, quite clearly demonstrate that homeschooled children do far better than their publicly schooled counterparts with homeschooled children a grade ahead by the age of 12 and as much as four grades ahead by the time they get to the equivalent of the 8th grade. Although many people believe that homeschooling is a reasonably modern phenomenon it has in fact been around for hundreds of years and is a tried and tested system which has more than stood the test of time. Of course homeschooling has changed considerably over the decades and much of the philosophy underlying homeschooling nowadays comes from the work of supporters of the system during the 1960s. Homeschooling is most certainly not an easy choice and is very hard work for the majority of parents, especially in the early days, but there can be no doubt that it works and the rewards for both children and parents make it well worth the effort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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