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Why should the winter be so dull when you are hit and hit by the wind: If winter is so cold, don’t wear black clothes all day! This stage will teach you from four stages learn to hit color four steps, do not say much, start immediately! (change from: Beauty nets) have hit and hit the color, why the winter is so boring, hit the first step of the color of the details grabbed, beginners certainly dare not try to hit a large range of color, so starting from a small point of color collision color is the best way. It’s a good choice to open the door of color bumping from the small details of scarves, stockings or bags, and make your taste look more exquisite. Second steps to make your coat colorful, second steps to color your coat colorful, learned the first step, we can try second steps to buy color hit the color coat. You can choose a soft or colorful style, make you look more gentle temperament, and bright colors will make you look more confident and bold dazzling color! Hit the color of the coat, let you in the rain is still one of the most brilliant! The geometry formed by different color coat you are fashion sense! High fashion third color color fur higher order and skin color fur coat, monochrome fur coat or too mature, or do not wear high street sense. Color matching allows you to get rid of more mature, more playful and trendy and fluffy, how can you not love it? Hit the third step high fashion color color pink fur fur coat which is lady feel ah, layering more fashion! Hit the color of the fur, hit the color knitted hat, and hit the color of hair, you dare to try it hit fourth step large hit color go ask you not afraid of a large area of the body color is the most Q test clothes, but also not too nervous, in fact, as long as the choice of color, a large area of the same color can do are you the best choice! Is greater contrast color, this is not only more attractive, fashionable feeling will be stronger, such as pink and blue, red and green, yellow and green these contrasting colors, wear out also confidently go up with bright orange blue, It’s not bright enough! The white pointed high-heeled shoes are cool enough! The blue ink is bright red and the collocation is bright!

有空撞撞色 何必把冬天过得这么沉闷   导语:冬季这么冷,就不要整天穿着一身黑啦,有空多撞撞色,给生活增添多一些色彩!本期小编将从四个阶段教你学会撞色四部曲,话不多说,马上开始吧!(转自:爱美网) 有空撞撞色 何必把冬天过得这么沉闷   撞色第一步 从小细节抓起   初学者肯定不敢轻易尝试大范围的撞色,所以从小地方开始加点色彩撞撞色是最好的办法。从丝巾、长袜或是包包这些小细节开启撞色的大门都是不错的选择,而且让你的品味看上去更加精致。 撞色第二步 让你的大衣多姿多彩   撞色第二步 让你的大衣多姿多彩   学会了第一步,我们第二步就可以试着购买撞色的拼色大衣了。你可以选择柔和的或是颜色鲜艳的款式,柔和的让你看起来更有气质,而亮色的会让你看上去更加地自信和大胆! 亮眼的颜色进行撞色的大衣,让你在雨天依然是最闪亮的一个! 不同的几何图形构成的拼色大衣让你更有fashion sense!   撞色第三步 high fashion拼色皮草   更高阶的还有皮色的皮草大衣,单色的皮草大衣要不就是太成熟,要不就是穿不出高街感。拼色的让你摆脱成熟之余,更显俏皮和潮流,而且毛绒绒的,你怎么能不爱上它呢? 撞色第三步 high fashion拼色皮草 粉粉的皮草大衣哪有贵妇feel啊,叠穿的方式更加fashion! 撞色的皮草,撞色的针织帽,还有撞色的头发,你敢尝试吗   撞色第四步 大面积撞色走起 问你怕了没   全身大面积的撞色是最考衣Q的,不过也不要太紧张,其实只要选对颜色,大面积的撞色也一样难不倒时尚的你!最好就是选择对比度更大的颜色,这样不仅更吸引人,时尚感也会更强,如粉色与蓝色,红色与绿色,黄色与绿色这些对比色,穿出门还要自信满满地走起来! 宝蓝色配亮橙色,就怕不够鲜艳啊!白色的尖头高跟鞋够清爽哒! 墨蓝色装鲜红色,搭配马上就亮起来了!相关的主题文章:

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