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Relationships Why men won’t commit. This question may have haunted you since the day you started dating. Some women call it commitment-phobia. The psyche of men over 40 is very complex. Each of them has their different reasons of why they don’t want to get serious. It may have stemmed from the way they were brought up. It may have something to do with their past relationship experiences. Maybe you’re currently dating a great guy in his 40’s of 50’s. After all the memorable outings, you start wondering why he can’t take the next step. To analyze this, there are theories of why the males run fast when they hear the "C" word. They like dating other women. What else can you do? He’s an alpha-male. He enjoys attention from other gals. He loves the company of not just one. It’s not because he is a player. Some men just take pleasure in meeting new people. They find delight in getting to know other ladies and going out non-exclusively. The good thing about these men is that they are straightforward about it. Most of them blurt out their rules from the first time they date you. They are honest about it and they would only date women who are okay with it. They fear serious relationships. They know that when you are in a relationship there are certain limitations. There are obligations and rules. They feel imprisoned and suffocated by all of it. Freedom is what they want. Guys want to be free to do everything they want without asking permission from someone. If you are in a serious relationship, you always have to consider your partner’s feelings. Hence, there are things that you’d prefer not to do because you don’t want to hurt anyone. This is what you should know on why men won’t commit. They hate relationship dramas. Unlike girls, guys don’t like it. The frequent arguments, heated discussions, petty fights – they hate it. Others think that these are elements to spice up relationships, but dudes don’t think so. Some of them want things in their lives as light and carefree as possible. Dealing with raging girlfriends and taking care of high maintenance relationships are not on their list. They’re dodging pain. Most people may not acknowledge it, but guys do fall in love. They may not seem to be emotional and expressive, but they have hearts, too. Most of them who dislike commitment are the ones who have badly been hurt before. Their past experiences made them fear serious attachment. They thought they have experienced the worst heartbreak ever. Because of that, they don’t want to put themselves out there and be vulnerable again. They believe they haven’t met the one yet. All the theories mentioned above are erased once their so-called "the one" comes along. They forget all their fears and issues when it comes to relationships. All the reasons they had to not get serious suddenly wouldn’t matter. But this does not apply to all. Some of them are plainly just not into commitment. This is one of the reasons why men won’t commit. If you’re with someone who you want to get serious with, consider if he’s ready for you. He might just need time to settle other things within him before taking a leap. Don’t pressure him by asking non-stop when he will be ready. When he is, he will come to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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