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Finance It seems like every homeowner is looking for mortgage loan modification. But who qualifies for mortgage loan modification? And how do you get your lender to approve your loan modification request? The question of "Who qualifies for mortgage loan modification?" isn’t an easy one to answer. Each lender has his own set of qualifications to follow for approval. But there are some standard guidelines that most lenders follow when considering a homeowner for approval: 1. Anyone who is attempting to get a loan modification must be going through a period of financial hardship. This is when your overall debt is too much for you to handle. If you’re just having a little trouble paying your mortgage, you are probably not under financial hardship. Tally up your household’s total in.e and expenses and .pare them to get an idea of whether you are under financial hardship or not. 2. Property will not even be considered for modification if it is not your residence. You must live on the land you are looking to reduce mortgage payments on in order for your lender to even look at your application. For those who own multiple properties, you are out of luck. 3. You must have full documentation of your in.e for the past few months, if not the past year. You may think it’s a small detail, but your lender does not. Full in.e documentation (including your in.e tax forms) shows the lender how your finances have gone over a period to determine whether you are a safe investment or not. Lenders most decide who qualifies for mortgage loan modification based on how big of a risk a homeowner is. You must also show intent and any proof of your plans to get out of your financial downtime. There are also several more variables depending on your lender that will affect whether you’re qualified for mortgage loan modification. Before applying, inquire with your lender to find out their exact qualifications. It may take some time and effort, but the entire process is one of persistence and patience. If you find out that you are close to eligible but not quite, seek out consultation and see what a state-appointed loan modification professional can do for you. These professionals can help anyone with their application and negotiation and they are free of charge under the recent loan modification plan under the Obama Administration. Whether you’re qualified or not, the application and approval process can take some time so do not use you application as a crutch to not pay your mortgage while you are awaiting your lender’s decision. And if you’re almost qualified but not quite, remember that in some cases it’s not who qualifies for mortgage loan modification, but who really needs it and will be willing to work to get it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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