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Health Does your child skip school? What is the frequency? Nearly 30% of the school aged children in America have school refusal. This may take the shape of, I feel sick today, and I dont think I can go to school; other excuses include headaches, stomachaches, or chest pain. As parents, have you thought that why going to school be.e so stressful thing for our children? Here in this post we will share some knowledge of school refusal, and also list some effective treating tips. Generally, school refusal behavior is as .mon among boys as girls. Some may cry or scream for hours every morning in an effort to resist leaving home. Just like sometimes, as parents we also dont want to go to work. Then what are the true reasons that our kids hate school so much? Although school refusal has been associated with both separation anxiety disorder and social phobia, the easiest way to think about it is that school refusal is a ‘difficulty attending school associated with emotional distress, especially anxiety and depression. Other reasons include parents separating, having marital problems, or having frequent arguments, not having friends, being bullied by another child, or not getting along with a teacher or classmates. If the parents show they are worried about the school refusal, the child is more likely to believe there is something to really be worried about. What can we do for our kids? Listen to the child or young person and find out if there is anything specific that is bothering them at school, for example exam stress or bullying. Thus enough sleep is of big necessity. Remember that the young person may not be forth.ing with this information due to fear or embarrassment. This is easier said than done, especially when your child’s behavior is disrupting your household and causing you to worry about things like truancy laws. Provide your child with a picture of you or some other small .fort object. The school and teachers need to be aware that the child at the current time has a serious problem, and this needs to be respected and understood by the teachers and not regarded simply as attention getting or making things up. All schools have a school counselor or other staff member responsible for this area. Maybe this would be helpful for your kids. The school and parents will need to work together to help support the child to get to school, and to feel as safe and .fortable as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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