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Customer Service If you’ve read many of our previous blog entries, you’ll know that we aim a lot of our content at the kind of person who has never ridden a cargo bike before. We therefore frequently talk in terms of the practical benefits of such bikes, and have already introduced our readers to some fine cargo bikes among the many in our range. But what if you’re a more seasoned cargo bike owner? In that case, you may wish to know more about our Custom Wheel Builds . Our custom wheel builds are the perfect purchase for someone who may already own one or two cargo bikes and is on the lookout for an exact type, manufacturer and/or size of wheel. Perhaps the wheels on your existing cargo bike have sustained damage, you’re assembling a whole new cargo bike and desire a certain specification of wheel, or you just fancy a change – whatever the situation, our custom wheel builds will do you nicely. The custom wheel builds that we stock are especially suitable for those who are confident in assembling cargo bikes from kit form. What those confident cargo bike riders will find in our wheel build range, is an impressive amount of choice. We are particularly big fans ourselves of Chris King hubs, which we consider to be the finest in the industry. Whatever hub, hub colour, hub drilling, rim, spokes and spokes pattern you choose, Chris King hubs will serve you well for a long time to .e. However, we’re also pleased to be able to offer Nuvinci N360 hub packs consisting of a sprocket, fitting parts, shifter and cables, in addition to the renowned Rohloff hubs which, again, .e with a shifter, cable and fitting parts. Or what about the Shimano Alfine hub? You certainly have a lot of optional extras to pick from with this one, en.passing rim tape, fitting kits, shifters, chain tensioners, sprockets with guards and non-turn washers. But whichever of our custom wheel builds you choose, we’re sure that you’ll be delighted by their appearance, durability and performance – not to mention our highly .petitive pricing. With our other items in this range including the likes of the Sturmey Archer Dynamo Hub, SRAM Automatix 2 Speed Hub and Velosteel Singlespeed Coaster Brake Hub, when it .es to the very best custom wheel builds for cargo bikes, you really can’t beat Practical Cycles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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