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Water also fields: children do not concentrate on eating, to an auditory game – the last time the mother and daughter talked about the contents of the Sohu, there are a lot of questions about the mother asked the child to eat. A: come back from kindergarten children always talk, do not eat well, do not know how to cultivate children’s attention? B: children more than four years of eating time to run around to do? Concentration is not lasting. C: when the child has to look at the phone to eat, do not give him to play on how to cry? While playing mobile phone while eating will not affect the child’s attention? The child’s attention is not one-sided let the child sit in a place motionless staring at a thing, in training can also be divided into visual, auditory, tactile and other aspects. In fact, children always eat when he kept talking, we have to look for children to analyze reasons: 1, he hopes one day to share experiences with their parents. Happy, not happy, are in the process of him alone, the one and only experience with their parents, he needs to talk, get your approval or comfort, or is the starting point of children social habits, accumulation. Countermeasures: if you do not want children to eat when the flow, then the parent-child communication, exchange of time in advance. A school on the road began to enjoy the joy of reunion, a small! 2, if the child is talking about is a repeated to confirm your commitment, please let him eat a reassurance. When a small home from the kindergarten, I was not allowed to eat sweets and snacks, we shall have even bought snacks to take home to eat meal one hour. So a meal time may continue to confirm: "Mom, my lollipop in the fridge? Will it change?" "Mom, is it good for me to eat, you can give me an hour later to eat XXX?" "Mom, you didn’t give me a snack?"…… The child does not feel at ease, may depend on the previous we have a fault in his experience, it is possible that we will hide all the food in the kitchen and other closed environment does not allow children involved. The children of the unknown to the mysterious curiosity, not sure he Xinmayoujiang excitations play imagination, let us break this artificially set the threshold, eliminate the psychological boundaries. Place the dessert he looks forward to where he can see it. Let him feel at ease. But the rules can’t be broken. Reaffirming the need for "good eating" + "one hour after meal" two indispensable conditions. 3, with the child to play a quiet listening game, guiding the focus of attention as a breakthrough. If the child used to play iPad, watching television, mom and grandma chasing the Fed, I think we can use a quiet game, let the baby sitting in the dining chair for children, to tell the baby, every meal has a different voice in the mouth, we carefully chew, quietly listen to you "have something to say". We are not talking, or a small spoon and small ears do not hear the voice of your meal. Then you can put a green vegetables in the mouth of the child, said, "hurry up, chew chew, small spoon can hear you bite green.相关的主题文章:

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