Very driving period Li Rui joined Wang injured in the recording of Yu Na ca1834

"Li Rui Yu Na" is driving Li Rui to join the king Joe injured recorded "very" driving Yu Na to join the "very" Joe Wang driving mud accident still insist on recording "very" driving recording scene photos of Sina entertainment news in Anhui TV star third public self driving program "is driving" in October 13th in Chongqing Wulong completed the first recording station. Returning to the "rock girl" Yu Na and the famous host Li Rui [micro-blog], Wang Qiao debut show, attracted a large crowd of passers-by. Host Wang Qiao accidentally scratched stones in the experience of mud volleyball, to adhere to the record. Mayor Li Rui again told the media that he did not leave the system plans to venture into the sea. It is reported that the "driving" is a file from the Star Cafe as a tour guide and his teammates, led the four Chinese teenagers in the form of self driving tour to visit motherland magnificent scenery of the reality show, will be launched in Anhui satellite TV in the near future. Li Rui denied again with Xie dikui "out" some time ago has been blasting with the former "Daddy where" director Xie dikui together with the "sea" of the village Li Rui scene is undoubtedly the most popular figure. In an interview with reporters, Li Rui again denied rumors of "the sea", said he is currently recording "Daddy where the 4" temporarily, also won’t have to leave the system. He also revealed that the recent run both "very driving" work, mainly by creative mode and transmission of Chinese blood emotional core is "very driving" program, so took a breath of Chongqing and Yunnan recorded two station program. Wang Qiao mud accidentally injured still insist on recording captain Wang Qiao led a congregation in Chinese small meat rhino mud volleyball village experience, because the site is in the deep mud, the leg accidentally draw hole number of stones. But he is not afraid of the pain, to shoot the volleyball match ring Festival, it conducted a simple wound treatment, then put into the next link recording. He Jie [micro-blog], Hu Xia [micro-blog] or join in succession according to the reporter, "very" is a drive by a star team, with four Chinese teenagers, go to the six station China treasure, looking for six big coffee guide star in third public self driving program. Guests will complete the task to get the form of self driving oil card travel to complete this journey, and will be the last stop in the ultimate challenge of public welfare tasks. In addition to Yu Na, singer He Jie, Hu Xiajun may join the program, to four Chinese teenagers in a surprise when unexpected. Following Chongqing, the program will also be in Ningxia, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan and other places for the next record. The star guests invited to the Capitol and recording are nearing completion, will be officially announced to the audience before the show airs.相关的主题文章:

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