Venus tore Fan Bingbing advertising connected to just a small golden drop dead diva

Venus tore Fan Bingbing: advertising connected to just a small golden Venus "dinner" by Shen Nan’s mewe media produced the "temptation" dinner will be held this Sunday on the line, "gossip" the mother of Venus and her funny partner Shen Nan menacing, openly in the program hand tore the road star, Venus again named Fan Bingbing Tucao acting, even boasted Fan Bingbing if only received advertising words "is always just a small golden". Venus three degrees hand tear Fan Bingbing shook hands and embrace the two are false? The "hand" Queen of Venus and Fan Bingbing. The first is long-standing, Venus in the program without shelling Fan Bingbing representative, will only take advertising and speculation, micro-blog is also called Fan Bingbing "a blanket star" cursed his fans, Fan Bingbing "bestie" Chen Lizhi at the micro-blog counter gold star except sex and tongue no masterpiece. Venus caused fans also joined the fray. But in two of the friends group was torn like a raging fire, Venus finally stood up, said Fan Bingbing’s assistant has contacted her phone, and accepted the recommendations put forward their own goodwill, but also offer the olive branch expressed intention to cooperate. The two is in the ceremony to shake hands hug, Fan Bingbing also said publicly that will go to the Venus show red sofa, this hand torn war is considered a curtain fall. However, in the "dinner", Venus hand firepower, three degrees to Fan Ye acting "fire", and admitted that Fan Bingbing is acting hand that the other side is too poor, "said Fan Bingbing received more advertising is only a little Jin Suo". Another large scale partner Shen Nan urgent cry for mercy always on tenterhooks, along with Venus show is not mixed. The smell of gunpowder is so thick, Venus and Fan Bingbing scores did not subside? Venus Fan Bingbing tore the "hand" only because of high expectations for all fans of war of words to large scale glass heart "own cannon" behavior, Venus in "dinner" in their interpretation of the sake of discussion, not to attack anyone personality. In her view, Fan Bingbing has not had a small star, but a "big name", to choose more powerful role and create new masterpiece, not only complacent, then advertising, "always only a small golden". She was outspoken in the "Venus show" in just two people to the truth, that time is not met, just say, then shredded "war" is just too fans of glass. In addition to once again "hand" Fan Ye, Venus in "dinner" also revealed more celebrity gossip Mengliao, self styled "gossip mother" entertainment "living fossils" scale of Dalian Ma Dong also ashamed than several times, had to change the subject, almost can’t catch. Werewolf links, Venus also exhibit extraordinary keen intuition, remarkable performance. Shen Nan continuation of his funny style, acting bursting, strong survival.相关的主题文章:

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