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Unfortunately, if not Kyushu sky city characters tragic monologue [Abstract]24 evening drama "nine sky" finale, easy Fuling and wind Tianyi eventually is not together, if all return to the origin, the protagonists and what choices. On the evening of 24, "nine sky" finale, lovely girl to death of a beauty Fuling flora, Yuhuang Tianyi bald wind wandering alone, this is a deduction of the land in Kyushu juelian curtain call, if all lead back to the original, they would choose? Tianyi wind: if you do not let go of your hand, maybe now, I will accompany you around. Yi Fu Ling: if I tell you a little bit earlier, maybe now we will not be so tortuous. Bai Tingjun: if I didn’t meet you, maybe now I don’t know what love is. Snow Feishuang: if I’m not in love with demons, maybe now I’m proud of myself. But there is no if. On the "sky city": "Kyushu Kyushu city" is · the sky by a media, Penguin pictures produced the Oriental Fantasy drama, directed by Yang Lei, Zhang Ruoyun, Guan Xiaotong, Liu Chang, Ju Jingyi starring. The play tells the story of a mysterious force in driving, and after the host Terran maintain a brief peace, once again caught in a tense situation of war caused by the story, in the Jiangsu satellite TV and video Tencent broadcast simultaneously, is now ending. On the "nine sky": Mobile Games "nine sky" is a TV series of the same name authorized the first theme 3DMMO Kyushu National War Mobile Games, perfect love and hate the world kyushu. From the perspective of free super 3D scene, the 3D Mobile Games experience hitherto unknown Visual limit, dodge flight to help you travel the beautiful sky city. As the Avatar system to the end of the tour, pinch face, fashion, wing play, variety shape heart show personality. Three occupation, without locking battle, war can fully and delightfully! Oriental fantasy epic, the Terran host war triggered at any moment waiting for you to fight!相关的主题文章:

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