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Understanding is more important than the company, understanding is more important than care – Sohu in the chat with friends, we all want to let each other really listen to what we say, to understand each other’s innermost thoughts. However, most of the time we are talking about it, but few people really listen to it. Voice expert Julian Treasure through a series of investigation and research, found the most influential people in the exchange of 7 interesting phenomena, and how to make each other understand you better. 7 chat in common small phenomenon following from Ted "advice" not harsh "space travelers love" is our language, all people are playing musical instruments, it is probably the most powerful voice in the world, it can lead to a war, but it can also say "I love you". However, many people have this experience, when they speak, the people around and not seriously listen to, why is this? How can we speak forcefully and let things change? Here are 7 common in the chat phenomenon: the first is the communication in the tattle and prate behind, some people say bad things about a person, this is not a good habit, maybe we all know the gossip in 5 minutes later, they gossip about us in front of others. It is the negative effect produced by tattle and prate will let us, in the communication of people gradually away from the gossip. The second is to judge that we know that some people are in the conversation, for example, he will judge your dress casually, you put forward the views of direct negative, do not listen to your explanation. In the communication, encounter this kind of situation also can let a person lose the desire to talk, because no one likes to be judged in the conversation by others, others. The third is the negative negative is the most easy to sink into a state of communication. Julian Treasure’s mother, in the last few years of her life, became so negative that it was difficult for others to listen to her. One day, he said to his mother, "today is October 1st," and she replied, "I know, isn’t that terrible?" When someone is very negative, is very ugly into someone’s words, but her words are also hard to listen to others. Because the negative will push people to the dark side of the face, slowly let people become powerless. The fourth is that we complain about the weather, sports and so on almost everything, but the complaint is like a virus, it will not spread in the world of positive and bright. On the contrary, complaints will lead to more arguments and misunderstandings. The fifth is an excuse, we have met this guy, maybe we had this guy, someone is accused of addiction, they blame anyone, and not take responsibility for their actions. Sixth is it sometimes exaggerated bragging to belittle our language, for example, if you see some amazing things, then you should say what, how about it? And then this exaggeration will be a lie, and we don’t want to hear lies. Empty相关的主题文章:

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