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To get off the bus driver stopped a guilty woman picking up the package on the evening of 16, a woman in the 125 Road on the bus to pick up others lost bag to get off the bag. The bus driver found after the patience to persuade the woman, she will hand bag. Finally, the bus driver Zhao Weiguo will pack to its origin owner. 16 at 19:10, Ms. Hu and his wife Mr. Sun by bus No. 125, in the highway bridge under the car. Mr. Sun get off to buy cigarettes, found with 7000 yuan in cash and important documents of the black bag fell on the bus. Two couples take a taxi to the Daoli District 125 road akimichi Qunli dragon end point station, and 125 road team captain Yang on the road. Yang captain heard the matter, according to the departure time, immediately contact the 125 bus drivers on the road. Self written number 125 bus driver Zhao Weiguo master received a phone call, the car just passed the Swan Bay area 2935. Zhao Weiguo looking for parking, when he asked whether the passengers have picked up a bag, is ready to get off the more than and 30 year old female passenger flustered, the hand is holding a black bag. Zhao Weiguo quickly stopped the female passengers, "this bag is yours? What’s in the bag? We have a monitor in the car. If it’s not yours, please return it." Master Zhao persuasion, female passengers will pick up the bag out. When the bus came to the center of Qunli square station, the female passengers rushed out of the car. Master Zhao drove to the terminal, will be handed over to the young captain. Later, the owner Ms. Hu were counted, the bag 7000 yuan in cash and all documents missing, she took out the cash to master Zhao said, was declined.相关的主题文章:

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