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"Thousands of people plan scholars selected the Nobel prize in chemistry science and technology — this network reporter interview Nobel chemical award jury member Gustafson Claes? October 5 Stockholm Xinhua (reporter Li Meiyi intern reporter Liu Geliu Jing) local time 5 days at 11:45, in more than 50 media reporters from around the world are looking forward to the next the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, deputy general secretary Hansen, Golan? Nobel prize jury President Sara (Sara S.Linse) and Linse? Nobel prize jury member Orlov Lang? James into quasi Trent Nobel hall, seated. Hansen announced that this year the Nobel prize in chemistry is the protagonist of the world’s smallest machine, and will be awarded to Jean Pierre? Sovic (Jean Pierre Sauvage), J Fraser Stoddart (J.Fraser?? Stoddart), and Bernard? L? (Bernard L.Feringa) with Fehling three scientists, in recognition of outstanding contributions to their design in the "molecular machines and the synthesis of the field, and they shared the prize of 8 million Swedish krona. It is reported that the winner of the Stoddart I was a foreign Bureau of thousands of short-term plan selected. Than a human hair 1000 times smaller looks tall on the judge Nobel will be hoping to establish their own image down to earth today, the conference site and 4 prize in physics, and make a cameo appearance of bread. The Nobel prize in Chemistry Committee Chairman Sarah will be two bagels together, to the presence of reporters to show this is like Pierre? "– catenane two ring molecular sovich invention", two ring like bread together, and eventually formed a chain. These molecular level designs of the machine is based on molecular machines, known as "the world’s smallest machine", its size is nanometer, than the diameter of human hair 1000 times smaller, its main component is protein etc.. Move and perform a specific task while providing energy to it. The Nobel Committee professor Ron James Thrun on chemical prize reason said: "molecular machines saw miniaturization technology caused a revolution, but also for the chemical research opened a new page." He said: "molecular machines are an exciting field of revolution, and it is the study of these three scientists that gives us the possibility of future applications of molecular machines." Then he introduced the history of molecular machines. In the three step of the molecular machine development phase, the molecules are held together by strong covalent bonds, in which electrons are shared. Study of photochemical Jean Pierre sovich? Found photochemical molecular modeling and molecular chain around the similarities — a core copper ion around two molecules. Then, his research group established a molecular ring and a crescent shaped, and the copper ion as cohesion of the two molecules together, then the chemical means them "welding" together to remove copper ions on the composition of the first molecular ring — catenanes. This is the first prototype of a non molecular machine. The other)相关的主题文章:

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