This year Beijing will shut down 300 industrial enterprises to ease non capital function – Sohu news isobuster

This year Beijing will shut down 300 industrial enterprises to ease non capital function – Sohu news years will shut down 300 Industrial Enterprises above, repaying, upgrading and ease the transfer of traditional commodity trading market 90…… Yesterday morning, the city held a "function of ease of promoting innovation and development" conference, the city of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative office deputy director Wang Haichen introduced the progress of non capital function and ease the next task. This year the city will study and formulate the administrative institutions plan and annual work plan to ease ease. Market players decreased by 7.5%, the effect of further increase the effect of strict control." Wang Haichen said, "the full implementation of prohibitions and restrictions catalog" Beijing new industrial city, 1-7 city’s new market players 139 thousand and 500, down 7.5%, not for the new establishment or registration of business 2350, the average monthly number of business registration less than last year by half since the 2014 edition of the directory publishing; not for business, industrial and commercial registration totaled 15 thousand. At the same time, the general industry continue to increase efforts to ease the. This year, the city has a total production does not meet the strategic positioning of the capital city’s manufacturing enterprises 174; adjust the ease of commodity trading market 25, ease businesses more than 1.2 households. According to the annual plan to determine the objectives of the task, is expected to shut down during the year to exit 300 industrial enterprises, ahead of a year to complete the task of shutting down the exit of industrial enterprises 1200. Shut down to complete the repaying, upgrading and ease the transfer of traditional commodity trading market 90. Among them, the zoo wholesale market area will be basically completed, God commodity market (Fu shop) to ease the transfer; ease the upgrade of Dahongmen area 16 wholesale market; to speed up the adjustment of the wholesale market to promote the official Park, Wan Tong, Hongqiao City, Bairong and permanent, Tianya Yapolo area such as ease and upgrading. According to the new market whether it belongs to the scope of the ease of doubt, Wang Haichen said, the new market of 70% to 80% of the function is to ensure that the capital market supply of agricultural products, there are about 20%, is the function of the agricultural logistics demand outside. The future of a function will be retained, after a relocation will function. At the same time will promote the merchants, traffic and garbage reduction. College enrollment plan by 10% according to Wang Haichen, this year, Dongcheng District Bairong mall completed vacate 100 thousand square meters, the first half of shutting down the underground MerryMart supermarket management area of 15 thousand square meters. According to the preliminary plan, after all the ease will create a "sophisticated" Nancheng business district and the Internet business platform, to achieve the transition from low-end to commercial innovation base. Haidian District Zhongguancun street in complete market leases at the same time, is organizing the implementation of "the theme of building building plan", and actively guide and promote the buildings along formats upgrade, the formation of a number of innovative features of the theme of building, the initial formation of innovation cluster development. In addition, the city has compressed the municipal college enrollment plan 10%, accelerate the construction of Beijing University of Chemical Technology in Changping, South Campus of Beijing City University, Beijing University of architecture and the new campus of Beijing Technology and Business University, occupation education resources integration and low-end specially good相关的主题文章:

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