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This good news to Tianjin hospital has the great benefit of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative Beijing will be unified urban and rural medical security system from WeChat public, CCTV financial (ID:cctvyscj) October 1st, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei three a total of 132 medical institutions will be the first 27 items of clinical test results of patients to check the implementation of the mutual recognition. Results in one hospital, in the diagnosis of disease does not affect the treatment situation will not repeat examination. The integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei recently another victory, from October 1st onwards, Beijing Tianjin Hebei three to 132 medical institutions of 27 clinical test results to reduce the implementation of the mutual recognition, the patient costs, enhance clinical laboratory management level of three medical institutions. The first batch of medical mutual recognition of the test results of a total of 132, including Beijing 69, Tianjin 37 and Hebei 26. These medical institutions will increase the "Pentacle" logo in the test results report the relevant inspection project name before, as the test results of recognition mark. Other medical units will be recognized for the mutual recognition of the results in the project report, without affecting the diagnosis and treatment of disease case will no longer be repeated examination. Therefore, the mutual recognition of the test results is not equal to no longer re examination, doctors and patients still need to be treated differently according to the rule of the occurrence and development of disease. In addition to clinical examination items, CT, B ultrasound and other medical imaging results are also required for patients to cross the hospital when the project was repeated checks. Fang Laiying, director of the Beijing municipal health and Family Planning Commission: we have a professional quality control center, three places have. Then the quality control center will continue to check the inspection department of each hospital, acceptance, does not meet it to be eliminated. According to the pilot, the three will be the start of the second batch of recognition when conditions are ripe, and gradually expand the scope of mutual recognition and mutual recognition of medical institutions project. Beijing city health and Family Planning Commission Director Fang Laiying: the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region really want to realize, from medical to realize a fusion of the words, I think it must be done, it is the level of public health services, to close, even to go to the same. Then we can say that the public in Beijing, in Hebei, in Tianjin can enjoy the same medical services. Copyright statement: financial Tencent selected high-quality spread value, may do some abridged revision. We highly respect the quality of the original content of the copyright, such as the contents of the selected text can not be linked to the original author, please contact the author and bigson (WeChat). More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章:

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