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The election, why the United States so fierce in every election year, the media will sigh the split of American society, the two u.s.. But in 2016, the general election, the storm in the United States and the United States exposed the outbreak of the United States, is the last century since the great unrest in 60s and 70s, the most powerful one. Why so? In short, because of the "Trump phenomenon" – not just the person of Trump, but the social and political phenomena that he detonated after the election. Doubt that American democracy is on the eve of the election day, and look at how the Trump phenomenon reflects the split of American society, and how to intensify the split. The conflict brought by the election, not only contains the party candidate attack, mutual discredit factors of normal, because voters are two unpopular candidates in the "two evils", the entire election atmosphere worse. Different with the previous several factors. First of all, the past election division, is basically a liberal and conservative two camps to produce great differences in policy, but no matter how the differences, the two sides of the American democratic system is highly recognized. Trump and his supporters, in this election, are not challenging the democratic system of the United states. They have repeatedly claimed that "this election has been corrupted", "the election will be cheating". Although experts from the system design, operation and other aspects of legal norms, voting, election cheating possibility is very small, but rarely has history of cheating case, but a poll of Reuters recently published results show that 41% of respondents believe that the United States in the election "destroyed" "fraud", of which 19% the attitude is very positive. The basic system of the United States that is rare in the past, the deep impact can not be belittled this suspicion of social division. Second, the lack of trust in this election is also rare in the past. The United States in the past while the election had a fight at outrance, throwing mud also spare no effort, but always maintain a certain style, showing mutual respect and trust each other at least. This is not only a lack of respect for each other from the beginning to the end, even supporters. Again, this split penetration is also very strong. According to U.S. media reports, although still, ethnic groups, intergenerational Division also seriously, such as Hispanics, the older generation of bias Hilary, the younger generation a lot of love Trump; there is also the phenomenon of white; the Asian community is no exception; even many in the family, but also because of this problem in great differences. Some analysts believe that, with the rise of social media, people in social media more straightforward, intense expression of their views (after all than face-to-face to express different views, so much comfortable) due to the differences between relatives and friends and family more intense. "Trump phenomenon" of course, social media is just a means. The main reason for the broad and profound differences is the "Trump phenomenon"". Why is Trump so successful? People say. But there is a consensus that he represents the United States a wide range of相关的主题文章:

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