The United Arab Emirates in the first peak to see the most beautiful sunset – Sohu travel seaway

The most beautiful sunset peak of Jabal Jais GIAIS tourism Sohu [] at the Emirates in the UAE the first peak of the first peak: peak Jabal Jais GIAIS Ras Al khaimah. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the friction plate formed by the Jais Mountain 1930 meters above sea level, the absolute peak of the UAE, there are isolated canyons. In addition to find abandoned villages, traditional houses, wells, standing on the hill, overlooking the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Arabia scenery [tip]: you can participate in the 4 hours of hiking attire: sportswear, sports shoes, hat cost: 225 dirhams per person (at least 4 people), including transport and soft drinks. Reference: say "unlimited scenery in the Xian feng". To the first peak in the United Arab Emirates (Jebel Jais) GIAIS peak experience "list of small hills" feeling, in addition to outdoor sports like climbing on foot, you can choose to ride a mountain bike, or drive cross-country car. We take this super cool SUV is oh ~ finally in the middle of the road, took a picture of love ~ originally intended to shoot on state highway 318. Too many cars and no time to shoot. This road is outrageous, sitting in the car and is also a memorable moment. Self timer to send a white robe with his son to enjoy the sunset, the sun is so warm the whereabouts of the!!!! Play up ~.相关的主题文章:

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