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"The restaurant" starring the two dimension problem poster girl Li Kaixin the most absorbing eye – "Li Kaixin" Restaurant Entertainment Sohu Sohu Yuan Qianjia entertainment news recently, by close pictures, CO produced young female inspirational topic drama "problem" restaurant exposed a group of star character posters. The new generation of Asian Flower Li Kaixin (English name Eleanor) changed his vitality girl’s sweet image, with a rebellious blonde show — she was wearing a Hoodie wearing masks, cartoon, Diablo, holding a comic book, the two dimensional atmosphere blowing, fans have commented: Yes, this is Li Kaixin! Super big play "restaurant" problem adapted from Japan’s top screenwriter Sakamoto Yuji (classic as a representative of the "Tokyo love story") of the same drama, the story revolves around 6 different personality women start. They are due to all kinds of discrimination and injustice of the patriarchal society and injured women, together with a small rooftop restaurant to dream dress, to an unyielding life adventure. Li Kaixin plays cool chef Yuan Qianjia in the two dimension, and the queen, and warm heart face playfully adorable girl, coupled with a gorgeous handsome chef skill is not! Not the perfect family caused great psychological shadow to Yuan Qianjia, so that she cannot extricate oneself in the two dimensional world, but simple, good in her friends and stay together morning and night gradually found a true self, to achieve the transformation and the growth of the self. Born in 1999, just over 17 year old Asian supernova Li Kaixin for shooting Xu Anhua’s apple mobile phone micro film "old records" of concern, she also worked in the Oriental Fantasy masterwork "sea and clouds" played the young Su Yuning, and sang songs such as "Yun Zhi". The popularity of the actress Jiao Junyan and co starred in the super big drama problem restaurant, successfully attracted a lot of media and fans attention, so that the audience’s expected value burst table! Problem restaurant, absolutely no problem!   相关的主题文章:

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