The queen was attacked, a base can take these funds!

The queen was attacked, "a base can take these funds"! Not a little preparedness, Erie shares of the most worried thing still happened. Suddenly by sunshine insurance placards, and Vanke faced the same embarrassment. However, the danger of Yili is perhaps investors, although the suspension, but there are a lot of funds to take advantage of. This year the capital market, the venture capital is undoubtedly the limelight, recently, Yili announcements of changes in equity, sunshine insurance has holdings of shares in the company to 5%, ranked the second largest shareholder, however, sunshine insurance said that the holdings of company is out of the company optimistic about the prospects for the future development of financial investment. Although the sun insurance made it clear that there is no equity level demands, but Yili or announced an emergency suspension, the market speculation Erie or in suspension to deal with placards, are gathering funds for capital to expand to take counter measures. Access to historical data found that sunshine insurance is in the three quarter after Yili shares into the consolidation period before large buying. Compared with Boland, Hengda, venture capital, sunshine insurance style is relatively stable and low-key, if is from the perspective of financial investment and holding placards, the relevant listed company’s share price is worth looking forward to the nature, so the question is, if the future related to the company’s share price rose, which will be the first to benefit the fund? A review of two quarter report data found that as the food and beverage sector of the blue chips, the two quarter of the number of funds largest holding Erie shares up to 101, while the stock market value of the number of funds accounted for more than 3% of the proportion of the net value of the fund up to 57, Erie shares fund preference evident, the East is red, big data New Oriental red power, CCB endogenous power three fund total fund net float capitalization ratio of the former residence, the net percentage were 9.83%, 9.53%, 8.65%, if the future Yili shares rose, the boys may look at these largest holding Erie shares fund. Table 1: the two quarter of the fund’s largest holding Erie shares list data source: fund two quarterly data of the two quarter data show that the two quarter of the listed companies in stock from the industry point of view, sunshine insurance doesn’t seem keen to real estate industry, but the preference for food and beverage, entertainment and other consumer sector stocks, which hold Chengde Lolo, CYTS, Fengzhu company’s equity ratio was 7.41%, 5.15%, 5%. The boys can also look at these stocks heavily loaded funds, if a stock market performance is good, bestie they may borrow basal profit. Table 2: the end of the two quarter of Sunshine Insurance Holdings list data source: wind Table 3: the two quarter of sunshine insurance department placards of other stocks list data source: fund two quarterly相关的主题文章:

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