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The media exposed the U.S. delegation to visit rare private   humanitarian missions — Yunnan channel — original title: U.S. media exposed the U.S. delegation to visit rare private humanitarian missions U.S. media said, last month, a private American low-key delegation visited North Korea — it access two a week ago, the country has just carried out its latest nuclear test. Organizers and the White House said in October 7th that the delegation went to North Korea to carry out humanitarian missions with the support of the Obama administration. According to the New York Times website on October 9th, this kind of American delegation has face-to-face contact with the DPRK government officials, which is the first time in the past two years. Reported that the relevant personnel have not to visit with any government identity, but North Korea agreed to its visiting behavior implies that both countries may find more opportunity to contact, no matter how little chance — despite the tensions caused by North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile development has made the country was severely isolated. The September 24th 27 day visit organized by the Richardson Center for global affairs, the group led by former New Mexico governor Bill? Richardson set up over the years, he has been acting as an intermediary between North Korea and the United states. Reports said in a statement, the delegation said that during the visit the two sides discussed issues including: restart the remains of soldiers from the United States found North Korea’s involvement in the Korean War of the work; the possibility of providing aid to North Korea flood victims; and put forward the requirements of the United States, North Korea hopes to release the imprisoned in January this year, the University of Virginia student Otto Frederic? Hvam Bill?. Wham Bill traveled to Korea with the group, and he was sentenced to 15 years of reeducation through labor, accused of trying to steal political propaganda posters from the hotel. The delegation of the Richardson Central Committee was given a courteous reception, and the delegation said in a statement that during the meeting, "candid and good talks on these issues have been made and some progress has been made."". Reported that Richardson’s chief aide Bergman Mickey? For the head of the delegation, the delegation members including the Korean War and the cold war prisoners of war the families of missing persons Rick Downes, President of the league? And a professor at the California State University at Chico and forensic anthropologist P Wiley?. Director of personnel and access to North Korea’s foreign ministry, the United States Bureau of Han Chenglie, several other North Korean officials, and the Swedish ambassador Shane Love trockel met?. Because the two sides did not establish diplomatic relations, therefore Shane Love in North Korea the United States Agency related matters. In the telephone interview, Bergman said that the details of the talks with Wham Bill could not be revealed, and the latter had not been subjected to consular visits since March. Wham Bill’s family from Cincinnati refused to discuss his incarceration. Reported that Bergman said that North Korea is particularly interested in aid areas affected by the floods, many areas of northeast Korea in August were seriously affected, at least seventy thousand people displaced. "But some humanitarian interests we must also be satisfied, for example, Bill returned to the United States and United States found the remains of soldiers," Bergman said. The report said it was asked to comment on the visit 美媒曝美国私人代表团罕见访朝 执行人道主义任务–云南频道–人民网 原标题:美媒曝美国私人代表团罕见访朝 执行人道主义任务   美媒称,上个月,一个私人性质的美国代表团低调访问了朝鲜――就在访问的两周前,该国刚刚实施了其最新核弹试验。组织者和白宫10月7日表示,该代表团是在奥巴马政府的支持下前往朝鲜执行人道主义任务的。   据美国《纽约时报》网站10月9日报道,此类美国代表团与朝鲜政府官员在当地进行面对面接触,近两年来尚属首次。   报道称,相关人员没有用任何政府身份来进行此次访问,但朝鲜同意其到访的行为暗示着两国均可能在寻找更多接触契机,不管机会有多小――尽管朝鲜的核武器和导弹开发造成的紧张气氛已使这个国家被严重孤立。   这次9月24日至27日的访问由理查德森全球事务中心组织,该组织由新墨西哥州前州长比尔?理查德森设立,多年来,他一直充当朝鲜和美国的中间人。   报道称,在一份声明中,代表团表示访问期间双方讨论的议题包括:重启从朝鲜寻回参与朝鲜战争的美国士兵遗体的工作;对朝鲜洪灾受害者提供援助的可能性;以及提出美国的要求,希望朝鲜释放于今年1月被监禁的弗吉尼亚大学学生奥托?弗雷德里克?瓦姆比尔。   瓦姆比尔是跟团前往朝鲜旅游的,他被判15年劳动教养,罪名是试图从酒店偷走政治宣传海报。   “理查德森中心代表团受到了礼遇,”代表团在声明中表示,会面期间“就这些议题进行了坦诚和良好的会谈,取得了些许进展”。   报道称,理查德森的首席助手米奇?伯格曼为此次代表团团长,该团成员包括朝鲜战争与冷战战俘 战争失踪人员家属联盟会长里克?唐斯,以及美国加州州立大学奇科分校教授与法医人类学家P?威利。   访问人员与朝鲜外务省美国局局长韩成烈,其他几位朝鲜官员,以及瑞典大使托克尔?谢恩洛夫进行了会面。由于美朝两国没有建立外交关系,因此谢恩洛夫在朝鲜代理美国相关事务。   在电话采访中,伯格曼表示无法透露与瓦姆比尔相关的会谈细节,后者自3月起就未能受到领事探访。瓦姆比尔来自辛辛那提的家人拒绝就其被监禁一事进行讨论。   报道称,伯格曼说,朝鲜对受洪灾影响地区的援助事宜尤感兴趣,朝鲜东北部不少地区8月受灾情况严重,至少七万人因此流离失所。   “但我方的一些人道主义利益也须得到满足,比如瓦姆比尔返美以及寻回美国军人遗体,”伯格曼说。   报道称,被要求对此次访问置评时,美国国家安全委员会的发言人内德?普赖斯在一封邮件声明中说,“白宫给出过相关意见,也很支持理查德森州长的中心的人道主义行动。” (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章:

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