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Business Photographers understand that identifying the most important keyword phrases and targeting them is crucial for successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work. But by way of example, consider these facts about our own successful wedding photography business: just 16% of our wedding photographer searches came from our top 5 targeted surrey-related phrases (eg ‘surrey wedding photographers’). Although this is still significant in terms of the absolute number of searches, it does mean that 84% of searches stem from around 245 different phrases (this is called the long-tail). Examples for our business might include "unique award-winning surrey photography" and "wedding photography at xyz mansion". Taken together, this long tail of different, infrequently used phrases represent a big chunk of your potential business. Since these long-tail search terms are less .petitive, it is still possible for your website to pick up their traffic without deploying the full-blown techniques used for the main targeted keywords. You will probably not be able to research long-tail search terms using keyword tools (the volume on any single search term is too low); but for you can make an educated guess for many of them by listing wedding venues that you would like to target in your area and also longer descriptions of your photography business. Think about words like ‘unique’, ‘best’, ‘award-winning’, stylish and classical. So what is the SEO technique for capturing these long tail phrases and terms? The solution is the deployment of a blog. There are couple of important points that we need to stress immediately about a blog. First, it needs to be integrated into your website. If a client clicks through into your integrated blog through a long-tail Google search phrase, they will then immediately receive your website branding and find it easy to navigate to other parts of the website. The added benefit of the blog’s integration is that in search engines’ eyes, it adds authority to your whole website. Remember that search engines likes web resources that have lots of content and images consistent with your main theme. The second important point on blogs is our re.mendation to use blog software such as WordPress which has strong SEO features built in to its content management system. So you can concentrate on great and varied content which will match up with many of the long-tail search terms being used by potential customers. The great thing about a blog for a wedding photography website is that you can use it to target particular wedding venues. So for example, let’s say that you have just photographed a wedding at ABC Hotel, in London. You should title the blog post "Wedding Photography at ABC Hotel, London" and then write a nice content-rich post with some great images. Couples planning a wedding at the venue may well search for photographers using the same (or similar) long-tail search term as your title; and because Google’s algorithms give weight to new content, it is likely to be high in the rankings. So your blog posts act as virtual landing pages for your favourite venues. It is easy to get even greater benefit from your blog post by including your long-tail search term in the URL. In WordPress for example, in the admin section, select Settings/Permalinks and then check ‘Custom Structure’ and enter /%postname%/. Happy blogging! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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