The impeachment of the president of the Brazil will be voted or postponed until 31

Brazil’s presidential impeachment will be the final vote or postponed to 31 map: Rousseff original title: Brazil’s presidential impeachment will be the final vote or delayed to 31 days in August 31,   according to foreign media reports, Brazil’s president Rousseff impeachment parties 30 days this month, the final statement, but because of Brazil senator and Federal Supreme Court, reveals weakness, impeachment may not be in the morning is expected to be closed off for a day. According to reports, at present, there are 66 registered Brazil Senator spoke at the prosecution and defense lawyers after the last statement, each person has 10 minutes, plus 2 hour lunch and dinner time to rest, the Federal Supreme Court President Li Wandu Heskey is expected at 31 am local time 2 pm 30 days after the end of the agenda may be 31 days. Proceed to the final vote on the morning. But Li Wandu Lipinski stressed that if other variables or members give up the right to speak, will be extended to the agenda at 5 local time. Nevertheless, the Brazil senator is likely to be 31 days before the final vote, mainly because this link may set off a new debate, members need to recharge your batteries and go all out. In addition, members before the vote, will read the focus of the report of the impeachment process. Although the 68 year old Rousseff 29, in which the last 14 hours of hearings were all praise for the "brave warrior", but all the signs and the evidence she was impeached is inevitable. The defense lawyer said that Rollo Saif really was impeached, will appeal to the Supreme Court, but the number of the attitude has shown that it is difficult to reject the vote in the senate. The impeachment trial final agenda for a further 1 days, also makes not the presidential palace in Brazil, because President Temel planned 31 officially took over the presidency, then immediately visit Chinese attended the group of 20 nations (G20) meeting. He also plans to address the nation before taking office, pointing out the challenges of the new government, the need for economic adjustment, and the hope that voters will unite to overcome the political and economic crisis. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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