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The first baskets of fresh savor of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs [eleven edition] – Sohu and has rich tourism nature, Kaoshanchishan people know how to get delicious from nature, with different ingredients in different seasons, which is also called the most is fresh in season. From the mountain to the aquatic seafood, 12 months a year, people can know how to eat in the suitable season, eat the best delicious, a month also changed the taste. As the saying goes: "the autumn wind, crab foot itch, September round navel sharp in October." In October to Suzhou in Yangcheng Lake, lush Yangcheng Lake crab, crab eight senior connoisseurs with "how to eat the most incisive demonstration of the crab. The best season of the year is coming! Especially the witness chowhound holiday! With the first 2016 baskets of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs presented in front of us, the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs catchable, net! As usual, crab farmers began to catch crabs in the day, their boat was coming into the middle of the lake. This is like a holiday tour, but also in the autumn to go to Suzhou the best way. Declaration of the Yangcheng Lake tour can start planning a delicacy, up. Suzhou Xiangcheng District Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs catchable, like a holiday, more like the ceremony. It is said that the annual catch ceremony, crab farmers started catching crabs. In the catch before the sale of the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are regarded as non authentic. And this is related to the season, usually every year to grow much longer when it is open, when a ceremony was held before, crabs can continue to grow bigger, more plump crab, crab farmers are reluctant to fishing. In order to witness the 2016 first crab fishing basket, we take a speedboat on the lotus island, then together with you by ship to the center of the lake, several ships waiting in the middle of the Lake boat Xu Xu from the net, net is long, need 2-3 together dragnet. Seeing only a hairy crab basket was pulled out of the water, crab farmers will have a good binding picked up, actually this "first fish" is actually picked up the crab basket last night has been set, because the crab need at night. Harvest season, the crab farmers can not hide the joy of harvest. A basket of pots to show us more people, each hand holding a hairy overhead. In addition to crabs, in the lotus island can also see the color of Suzhou, showing a golden sunflower and green fields in autumn. Autumn is cool, good scenery, beautiful bright colors, let people see a different Suzhou. Lotus island also has some farmhouse and antique houses, in the autumn season, to eat crab, could pick a couple of nights, eat and then reward autumn. Yang Cheng lake, we choose in the environment of good "Haruki" crab. Sit in the territorial waters of the rural environment, because the original designer of "willful", the inn on the first floor has a whole face open the "door", the "wall" demolition, good lighting and air, let people feel sitting in the river field, have no binding in the house. The crab is about "body fat, green shell, white belly claw losea gold", because the Yangcheng Lake clear water clean, keep out of the blue crab back white belly, crab body translucent, no smell..相关的主题文章:

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