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There are many adjectival names of God but these will not introduce you to God. Adjectival names describe the merits and virtues of God. Once, when Lord Krishna deserted a battle, he was called Ran Chhor Ji Maharaj. As a child he stole butter, so people also call him Makhanchor. So, based upon his actions and virtues, many names were given to him but these do not introduce us to his real nature. When the Spiritual Master imparts the Spiritual Knowledge to us, then we are introduced to God as He really is. Guru Nanak Dev Ji says- Gyan anjan satguru diya, agyan andher vinash. Hari kirpa te sant bhetiyan, nanak man prakash. The Master gave me the eyebalm of Spiritual Knowledge which wiped away the darkness of ignorance. One meets a true saint by the Grace of God and then it all light within. Ones life is transformed. Such is the knowledge of the Master. We discover the true identity of God. You must have heard the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Ali Baba wealthy by knowing the secrets of the cave and tells his neighbour, Kashim, all about it. Kashim goes inside the cave but forgets how to .e out again. Such is the door of Spiritual Knowledge, about which it has been said- Koti nam sansar mein, tate mukti na hoy. Adi nam jo gupta jap, boojhe birla koy. There are thousands of descriptive names for God but they cannot bestow salvation. Only a rare person knows the Eternal Name which is remembered secretly within. When you know that holy and eternal name of God, the spiritual door will be opened to you, just as the .mand Open sesame! opened the door of the cave. Likewise, when one acquires the practical Knowledge of the true name of God from the true living Spiritual Master, he gets truly introduced to God. It is said- Mrig navi kundal base, mrig dhoondhe ban mahin. Aise ghat ghat brahma hain, duniya janat nahin. The musk deer roams in the forest looking for the source of the fragrance that actually .es from its own navel. In the same way, Almighty is present within everyones heart, but nobody knows. You know that there is a nucleus in an atom and electrons are revolving around it. In the centre of the solar system is the sun, a very vast mass and all the planets are revolving around it. Likewise, we have a point within us where God resides. That is why it is said- Jyon til mahin tel hai, jyon chakmak men aag. Tera sain tujh mein hai, jag sake to jag. As there is oil within a sesame seed and spark within flint, similarly, your Lord is within you, so wake up, if you can. The seed of a mango is within the mango itself; the seed of an orange is right inside the orange. In the same way, Almighty, which is omnipresent, is within everyone of us but to know Him, we have to go within and meditate and that path is shown to us by the true Spiritual Master. Many learned people ask me why people prostrate at the Masters feet, whereas in foreign countries they shake hands. You know that in the Arctic regions it is extremely cold and people do not take out their hands from their pockets. Their form of greeting is to rub noses. The Indian system of greeting a Master is very scientific. If we want to turn an iron piece into a magnet, it is laid horizontally on a table. You place a magnet vertically on it and you move this magnet from one end of the iron piece to the other, again and again, until it is converted into a magnet. To arrange scattered pins, we bring a magnet in their vicinity, then all the pins are attracted towards it and get arranged. One pin gets connected to another pin and it in turn attracts another pin like a magnet does. St. Kabir Das Ji says- Guru ko kijiye dandvat, koti koti pranam. Keet na jane bhring ko, Guru karlen ap saman. I prostrate countless times at the feet of the Master, because he makes an ordinary disciple like himself. He is like the bhringi wasp, which catches an insect larva and converts it into another bhringi wasp like itself by humming continuously to it. When we prostrate at the feet of the Master, we are affected by his magnetic field. You put a bucket below a tap to fill it with water. Similarly, we have to sit at the feet of the Master to acquire Knowledge from him. Even Lord Rama, first thing in the morning, used to bow to his parents to obtain their blessings. Likewise, we should serve our parents, elders and the Master and obtain their blessings. There is an episode in the Ramayana when Lord Shri Rama was .forting his devotee Jatayu, who was dying. He was sitting with Jatayus head in his lap. Lord Rama said, You have sacrificed your life for my sake, so I am very pleased with you. Ask for whatever you want. Jatayu, lying in the lap of Shri Rama, replied, Lord, you have nothing left to give me now. Hearing this, Laxman got enraged and said, Look! He is in the presence of the Creator of this world, yet this fool is saying, even as he is dying, that Lord Rama does not have anything to give him. Then Lord Rama said to Laxman, Try to understand his feelings. So Laxman said, Jatayu, tell me what Lord Shri Rama does not have to give. Jatayu replied, Laxman Ji, it is like this. Suppose there is a very wealthy businessman. A son is born to him after a very long time. The businessman is overjoyed to be able to hold his son. To express his happiness, he gives sweets and gifts to everyone in his village. Now, tell me, who is the heir of that businessmans property? Laxman replied that his son would inherit everything the businessman owned. Then Jatayu said, Laxman Ji, where was that son? Laxman said that he was lying in the arms of the businessman. Then Jatayu asked, Where am I? Laxman Ji replied that he was in the arms of Lord Rama. Jatayu said Everything owned by Lord Shri Rama now belongs to me. As his devotee, his spiritual son, all his spiritual wealth became mine and I am lying with my head in his lap. So, whatever he has, is now automatically mine. Now, tell me what more does he have to give me? The disciple who depends on the Master and lives by his .mands acquires the Masters spiritual wealth. That is why it is said that taking shelter in the Master is the door to salvation. The disciple who treads the true path as instructed by the Master is great and fortunate. If we want to see a tree green and in good shape, then we do not water each leaf. If we water its root, then all its flowers and leaves will be healthy and green as every bit of the tree will get moisture. So, it is said that all deities are pleased if one obeys the .mands of the Master and serves him. Before the battle of Kurukshetra, Lord Shri Krishna does not talk about .plex battle plans to Arjuna, rather he talks about Spiritual Knowledge, because Arjuna was so confused about fighting his relatives and elders that even if he were given any special strategy, he would still have said that he would not fight. Arjuna had be.e despondent, he did not want to fight, he had lost the battle before it had even begun. Then Lord Krishna imparted the practical Spiritual Knowledge to him so that the power to fight the battle would emerge. He had to know the reality. The darkness of ignorance from his mind had to be removed and when he had won over his mind, he would win the battle too. That is why it is said- Man jeeta tin jag jeeta If you win over your mind, then you will be victorious in this world. So, take shelter in the living Satguru and receive the Spiritual Knowledge which eradicates all ignorance. 相关的主题文章:

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