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The differentiation of   inevitably; the property market "golden nine silver ten" deposit variables – property — original title: differentiation is the property market "golden nine silver ten" deposit variable in the lack of investment channels in the background, a lot of money into the real estate market, hot city price and volume Qi Zhang phenomenon. The industry believes that the change in the mentality of buyers or one of the reasons for the recent rapid rebound in some cities volume. But the "golden nine silver ten" could continue hot situation remains to be seen. At present, the need to constantly implement the classification regulation ideas can be considered to set up early warning mechanism to monitor the potential market risks. Funds into the property market, the current stock of money is larger, M2 growth rate is 2 times the GDP growth." Ming Yuan, vice president of Real Estate Research Institute, said Liu Ce, from the structural point of view, due to the trend of the real estate industry is better, so the property market has become the most effective channel to attract funds. Demand for housing mortgage loans, but also boost the real estate market higher. Huatai Securities chief macroeconomic researcher Li Chao said that this year’s new loans mainly rely on real estate and infrastructure demand pull, the first half of the first half of the first half of the mortgage loans have remained volatile trend. It is expected that in August the long-term loans will not be reduced, maintaining a high of 470 billion yuan is a high probability event. With the gradual weakening of the base effect, M2 will usher in a slight bottoming rebound. July M2 close to the lowest point of the year, in August M2 growth rate of more than 11% higher likelihood. China pointed out that in 2016 two quarter monetary policy implementation report, an increase of 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan in the first half of individual housing loans, an increase of 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan at the end of 6, the growth rate reached 32.2%, the monthly increment of record highs, mainly because of commercial housing sales growth faster, driven by the rapid growth of personal housing loan. In the first half, the national commercial housing sales grew by 42.1% over the same period last year, a substantial increase of the growth rate of 32.1 percentage points. Sub agencies, Chinese small and medium bank loans increased by more than. From the semi annual report issued by the bank, the first half of the Construction Bank to increase the intensity of individual housing loans, individual housing loans 31 billion 817 million 700 thousand yuan, NPL ratio of 0.34%. Individual housing loans, the scale of the new ranks first in the industry. CCB chairman Wang Hongzhang recently in the semi annual results briefing said that the second half of the first bank mortgage loan trend will continue, in addition to pushing housing mortgage loans, but also to promote the housing provident fund loans. Asset shortage has become one of the reasons for the current hot property market. Liu Ce said that low interest rates on deposits and bonds, and even can not win inflation; real estate prices are steadily rising, one of the important means to increase the value of wealth. Therefore, residents and even large institutions have no better place to fund. Buyers mentality subtle E-House Research Institute data show that the market turnover in August compared to July has increased, reflecting the enthusiasm of buyers into the market to improve. Enjoysmart Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin said, for buyers, in addition to worry about rising prices, also worry about tightened credit policies, speed up the purchase cost of purchase, the rhythm is locked to avoid policy)相关的主题文章:

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