The big movie seems to say goodbye to us (video) superrecovery

Network movie seems to say goodbye if ten years ago you were told people a year in the network video to see this thing to spend 20 billion yuan with us, you will definitely feel he is tell some fantastic tales. In September 21st Shanghai drama audio-visual season pay salon industry, said senior vice president of Iqiyi citing iResearch data: "2015 the entire pay market size is expected this year in 5 billion 130 million, about 50000000 members, 2016 (market size) 9 billion 800 million." But he thought it was a bit conservative. This year, we expect the entire market to pay more than this scale, by next year should exceed 20 billion of the market size." Iqiyi has always used to say love members pay to expand business market: they achieved 5 million paid membership in June 2015, with 5 years to achieve second; 5 million in December 2015, with half a year; to achieve the second 10 million in June this year, with half a year. The third 10 million, according to him, according to the current speed is not half a year. Market as a whole is also growing. According to the Chinese Internet Information Center and China network audiovisual Association released the "2015 Chinese network audio-visual Development Research Report", last year, 17% of users have to pay to see the video experience, the growth rate is 45.3%. And the State Press and Publication Administration of network audio-visual program management Secretary Luo Jianhui said that as of June 2016, China network audiovisual scale 514 million, and the general online membership prices each month is 20 dollars per person — all users must have a meal for two months, not including Taobao, low-cost membership family and friends sharing all kinds of "money" means. Last year, we also feel that 1 months to increase the difficulty of the membership of the 1 million, now look at the interval of the increase is too fast for the 1 million." Wang Juan, general manager and editor in chief of Tencent video and film. Tencent released the 2016 Tencent Summer Video TV drama report, said their paid members explosive growth". Compared with the original crudely made network drama, now is no longer synonymous with Iqiyi small business membership fee cost on the net play started, plus some time ago the crime suspense drama "psychological crime", "Yu", the crime of crime drama Youth Drama "the best" and "our recent" old nine door, Iqiyi currently have occupied the largest market share in the online video market. So is the Tencent. Although the most famous Tencent, after the payment service content is Hollywood their membership in American cinema blockbusters and a variety of classic drama to attract users as the core. But, obviously lead to the summer paid members of the "explosion" of the source or network play: they will be attributed to the growth in the number of members of the "country love 8", "my boyfriend", "wonderful" network drama fairy yamen release, and the "Yun Zhi" and "empty" the same day Kyushu place great expectations. This industry investment is rising: "Tomb notes" a single set of investment.相关的主题文章:

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