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Food-and-Drink Tickler Cheddar is a relatively hard cheese, which has an acidic taste and appears from pale-yellow to off white in color. This is a natural cheese, which is named after the place where it is manufactured. After harvesting cow milk it is taken to the Tickler creamery where some cultures are added to the cheese and they are aged for long 18 months. From here it takes the name Tickler English Cheddar. This is the most popular type of cheese used in the UK. The type of milk used to prepare Tickler English Cheddar is pasteurized cow milk. Microbial rennet is added to this type of cheese and its wheel weight is 5lbs. This cheese is rich in nutrients and per 100g of cheese contains 390.00kcal of energy. The protein content is 25.50g. It is also rich in carbohydrate, which measures 0.10g out of which part of sugar is 0.10g. It is also rich in fat and per 100g of cheese contains 32.00g of fat out of which saturated portion is 20.80g. The sodium content of the cheese is 0.72g and salt equivalent is 1.80g. This cheese tastes best when paired with wine. Farmhouse ales are the best option when it .es to wine pairing with Tickler English Cheddar. This is a sour beer, which is .monly made with brewers in Belgium and France. Such wines are generally lighter in color and are a little effervescent. The wild yeasts are helped by the brewers to ferment the sour beer from time to time. Another match made in heaven is Merlot and cheddar cheese which is a smooth wine with a rounded flavor than any other wine. The main content of this wine is dark fruits with very little tannin and no spices. It is also paired with other cheeses like Leonora, which is a goat cheese not aged for long. Another well known wine paired with Tickler English Cheddar is Chardonnay. The flavor of this wine again depends upon the region where it is made and how it is made. If its an old Chardonnay it can also be .plemented with roasted pears or fresh fruits along with the cheese. If its a new world Chardonnay, which is used in warmer climates then it can also be further garnished with tropical fruits and a rich flavor of vanilla. This is an oaky and buttery wine. A .plex cheese like cheddar tastes best when paired with an oxidized chardonnay which has nutty and spicy flavor. A goat cheese like Chevrot also goes well with Chardonnay wine. Another great wine to pair with Cheddar is Cider. Actually Cheddar and apple is the best .bination ever. What if the taste of apple can be transformed into a liquid form? With this idea in mind manufacturers has designed Cider. The wine has high levels of acidity and tastes more like beer, which suits the taste of the cheese. A Cider which is produced in Normandy is funkier and makes a great pairing with Cheddar. However, an American cider is not a good option to consume with Cheddar cheese. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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