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Home-Securtiy If there is one thing that the good folks of Texas are known for, its taking things quite seriously. Whether its simply playing ball or, in the case of this article, defending ones property and family from harms way, Texans dont play gamesthey do things the right way. Nonetheless there are many home owners throughout the state, from Austin to Dallas, that are in desperate need of greater and more dynamic home security solutions in light of rising crime rates and new security risks of other kinds. Above and beyond the fact that new security risks have materialized, the home owners of this large and proud state need to be familiarized with the latest kinds of security technologies and systems as well as general home security tipsthings that evolve with time and at quite an impressive pace at that. There are two overarching fields in which home owners need to touch up their home security knowledge: the area of technology, and the area of personal/family habits and attitudes. Lets go over the most important ideas and tips in each of these areas then: Technology: This is where the most significant changes and developments have taken place in the overall field of home security. Just as our computers, cell phones, and other gadgets and techno-services have evolved tremendously over the last decade or two, so have those related to security in and around your home. One big change has been the switch recommended by most leading security providers from hardwired alarms systems to wireless alarm systems. This recommendation is based on the fact that wireless capabilities have become so reliable in recent years and, additionally, on the fact that hardwired systems are prone to bypasses on behalf of burglars (which means they can force their entry without your alarm going off, which means without you even realizing it). Another big technological advancement has been the inclusion of another wireless capability into home owners security monitoring subscriptions: the addition of a cellular network connection for the home so that communications with the monitoring center will always be guaranteed, even when the land line has been cut or otherwise made unavailable. Finally, the last technological advancement that we would like to cover here relates to home automation technologythe technology that is practically single-handedly responsible for the rise of what we now call smart homes. Automating your home and all its appliances will mean a reduced risk of fires and it will also mean you have several new tools for warding off burglars or other intruderswhich means a greater level of overall security. Attitudes and habits: Just as the kinds of technologies you use will influence your overall level of home security, so will the way you and your family live at home. A responsible home owner that really cares about security issues will first and foremost be sure to review all security plans and systems with all members of the family/household old enough to understand (such as how to operate the alarm, what the fire escape routes are, what to do in the case of an intruder or a natural disaster, etc.). About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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