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Automobiles Tata Motors is all set to release the next generation Tata Safari renamed as the Tata Merlin. The car is expected to be launched any time by the end of 2011. The car has been caught, quite few times on test rides. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding the launch or any other details of the Tata Merlin from the .pany. Going by the market speculations and the Tata Merlin being an improvised model of the Safari, the Merlin can cost around Rs 10 lakh. The Tata Merlin spy shots reveal that the car has lot inspirations from the Land Rover that has recently joined hands with the .pany. The new SUV is unlike the previous Tata cars and has a very daring and aggressive look to it. This is proved by the fact that it has flared head lamps at the front and rear that are similar to Land Rover. The insides of the Tata Merlin are also expected to be of great quality similar to most of other Tata SUVs like the Tata Aria. In fact the car will definitely be better than the Tata Safari. The car will also .e with a host of other .fort and safety features like Electronic Switches, New Meter Dials and Tachometer. On the safety aspect it is expected to .e with four airbags, ABS (Anti Braking System) with ESP (Electronic stability Programme) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) technology. The Tata Merlin is a 7 seater SUV with the rear seats being two sideways facing each other. The Merlin .es with a 2.2 liter DICOR engine which can deliver a maximum power of 140 bhp and peak torque of 320 Nm. However the car is expected to be ripped off from the same specifications as the Tata Safari. The Safari has had a successful run of about a decade in the desi market. The Tata Merlin was expected to hit the roads with the likes of the Mahindra XUV500 and steal some high volumes at .petitive price. However, for some strange reason, it had been heldback. But looking at the success of the xuv500, surely Tata will be itching its fingers to launch the Merlin ASAP. With the XUV500 being declared a blockbuster hit and bookings being stopped due to overload, it is now up to the Tata Merlin to prove its mettle. Tata has to .e up with an equally good product in terms of the quality and some mind boggling marketing strategy. The Tata Merlin has to be better than the Tata Safari. The Mahindra XUV500 was a .plete adventure freak with some never before concepts and style. The Merlin seems to stick to the traditional style of classic beauty and quality. The Merlin has a .pletely de glamorized look with lots of understated design. On the outside the Merlin is surely more mature than the Safari and has that Land Rover smell all over it. Tata Merlin SUV Interiors still have the same built and classic feel to the front and rear. The exteriors are adorned with a lot of chrome and looks all set to repeat the decade long story of the Safari. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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