Star vs net red! Take a look at the Carina Lau Lin Lin has been net red rolling it! misao

Star VS net red! Take a look at the Carina Lau Lin Lin has been net red rolling it?! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Text: we wrote the star before the star VS net red first bomb, today we do not regularly update the star VS net red second! The reason is to see the late evening and Carina Lau’s photo. To tell the truth, Carina Lau is the temperament has won very thoroughly! And Hsu Chi. I feel that Hsu Chi is not how to pose, but this photo is to refute a fact: small and not very special features sometimes! Hsu Chi win! Lin and Wang Hong with the box, I am more concerned about is that the two of them in the end look at the lens??? Girls, it turns out that a round jaw can be as beautiful as a pointed face. (why is Ruby Lin’s face in this piece of it? Lateral face spike! This time we have to say that, after all stars are stars! Ruby Lin still won the game! Age is not a problem, Yan value online is king! Patty Hou is too tall! And I have always felt that Patty Hou was very beautiful, every time is liberal and dignified. Who do you think won the game with Jolin and the grid? I think Jolin in this picture is very small.. Song Jia and net red frame, even if the hair is still relatively awkward, but still won! Why have a built-in field? Nuozha color is not black! So the consequences of taking photos with her… Zhao Liying and Hsu Chi, also confirmed the sentence, sometimes a plump face does not have no advantage. You look at the light and not too OK photo, I stand Zhao Liying! The star is a star, so many years of feel lens is not white, and red photo instantly opened the gap. Please wait for the Red Star VS network third play, hope reversal!   this article comes from WeChat public number "Sina entertainment"相关的主题文章:

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