South Korea tvn10 TV awards, please answer the biggest winner ca4111

South Korean tvN10 Television Awards "please answer" into the biggest winner of the tvN10 TV Awards Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean cable television station tvN this year to get 10 year anniversary, last night in the mountain KINTEX held "tvN10 TV award ceremony. Audience award shows and Drama Awards respectively by "meals" and "fish village drama please answer 1988" line "meals" Cha Seung Won when he was speechless, seemed so excited. "1988" actors, producers, and other "please answer" series of award-winning actors came to share joy, who plays 5 year old sister dipper Gorgon child star Jinxue shouted: "good fun! Although a little sleepy but I’m not tired." Speak like a child to melt all the guests on-site. Most tvN10 best actress award, by the "Signal" signal with Jin Huixiu, she took time wrestling on the stairs, she admitted that she heard "Dear My Friends" veteran actress Jin Huizi was also nominated for very nervous, did not expect to be able to win a prize, she said: "very happy to participate in this great work, really thank you very." But as the emperor by Korean students "accident" not Li Shengmin won the award for the highest, Zhenxiong Zhao was "Signal", Li Shengmin himself was surprised when he said: "I thought it was Zhao Zhenxiong, Zhao Zhenxiong should take the award gave me." Although many of the audience for the actor and the passing of the Zhao Zhenxiong feel sorry, but in the end he won the biggest acting awards, and in the "flower grandpa" when the porters Seo-Jin Lee scored a variety of awards, awards are ever travel together with his grandpa, so he moved to say: "I hope next time to travel with them." The sword to the drama "Star Park please answer 1988" won the tvN Asia Awards, he was unable to participate in the Ganpai "cloud painting Moonlight", and finally to the video line award acceptance speech: "really want to live, but because of the shooting is no way to go, I am really sorry. Thanks to all the fans who voted for me." He said he was sorry for the 2 time, and apologized for his absence. "Jiangnan" Uncle PSY today also attended the ceremony to sing, and show the plot another climax is "1997", please answer Xu Renguo and grace to fit 2 people, after 4 years at the "1997" soundtrack song "All for You", they let the audience in "1997" and the sweet spark. "1988" episode "girl" the original singer Lee Wen Shi also surprise appearance, but also for the failed confession of Liu Junlie to the "good" benefits of advertising, setting off another wave of orgasm. In May just upgraded to Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Seon husband and wife yesterday appeared only with the ceremony, Ahn Jae Hyun walked the red carpet. The awards were invited as Gu Hye Seon when he said: "my husband don’t know me, my husband came to see." Ahn Jae Hyun complained in the audience: "I really don’t know she’s coming." Finally simply big confession: "wife I love you!" "Please answer" series of the main actors rarely gathered, please相关的主题文章:

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