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Soochow Securities report Oolong refraction wind control defect contrast net profit plunged business worrying hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client adviser national contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: crisis of Soochow securities     following the Changjiang Securities, Soochow securities (601555) also had a research report Oolong farce. Recently, Fucheng shares of a research report is clarified, ironically, research reports are Fucheng shares issued to clarify the announcement, it is from a Soochow securities known as the name of the report in depth research report. For a time, Soochow securities was to a public opinion in the teeth of the storm. However, in the industry view, the brokerage Research Report Oolong event is not trivial, not only shows that the Soochow securities risk control ability is lacking, let the market management effect on the company generated more doubts. Three quarterly net profit drop and Soochow securities released just over 40%, it will undoubtedly make investors more concerned about the future operation of Soochow securities. The depth of the report was "the face" recently, a research report of Soochow securities flaunt depth report, a clarification announcement was the subject of the company’s hard face "". In October 25th, Fucheng shares issued a Clarification Announcement, the Soochow securities issued on Fucheng shares a "Fucheng depth report two: 3 10 billion support research report of market capitalization doubled", a detailed clarification on some content. Fuk shares is the future of the funeral industry is absolutely leading, 3 of the 10 billion concern……" 3 10 billion Soochow securities referred to in the report, including the Fucheng stock market value of 12 billion yuan with a net profit of 14 billion yuan, 30 years after the development of 10 billion yuan; industry mergers and acquisitions fund mergers and acquisitions around the cemetery operating licence; in addition, there are third and 10 billion, is the major shareholder holding 10 billion yuan in cash. Cash rich company. From the above content is not difficult to see, Soochow securities released research report originally intended to support Fucheng shares of listed companies did not know "appreciate", also issued a clarification announcement to let some air Soochow securities. In the Clarification Announcement, Fucheng shares for Soochow Securities Research Report 3 10 billion so-called do not seem to agree. Fucheng company said that for the first 10 billion, after verification, the original pagoda cemetery in Sanhe is surrounded by some local mining early barren hill left, land destruction, the barren hill has been the big shareholders and related enterprises in the long-term use, is now in the flat, green, fruit trees planting and ecological restoration, this kind of situation barren hill land area is approximately 3000 acres, but not currently in the company and the name of the pagoda cemetery. Second and 100 million, research reported the subsequent acquisitions fund size is 9 billion yuan, but the company is industry mergers and acquisitions fund size of only 1 billion yuan. In addition, for the third of the 10 billion, the shares into a profit to clarify that the major shareholders have sufficient funds as a blessing and Hui industry theory相关的主题文章:

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