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SONY PS  Neo exposure: CPU frequency soared 1.3 times — game original title: SONY PS Neo exposure: CPU frequency soared 1.3 times Beijing on September 7th news, SONY PS meeting conference will be held at 3 tomorrow morning. Nonsense is not much to say, there are already early exposure of the media in the country’s next generation of host PS Neo detailed news, of which CPU clocked up 1.3 times, GPU floating-point performance soared by a factor of 2.3. SONY PS Neo exposure (pictures from kkj) foreign media gives the configuration list view, PS Neo compared to PS4, which is equipped with AMD Jaguar customized version of APU, but the performance of unit CPU and the enhancement of GPU can be used to describe the huge. Which CPU clocked up to 2.1GHz, 1.3 times faster; GPU in the CU unit to increase the frequency of up to 911MHz, floating point performance soared by 2.3 times. Memory, PS Neo is still using 8GB GDDR5, the total bandwidth is now increased from 176Gb s to 218Gb s, up 1.24 times as much. Based on the above comprehensive upgrade, PS Neo will have 4K resolution, there is news that the developers have in the PS Neo 1080p resolution ran out of the high frame rate 90fps. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reporter in Japan Takashi Mochizuki revealed on Twitter, PS4 Slim price of $299, PS4 Neo price of $399. Because SONY does not want to dilute PS4 Slim sales in a short time due to internal PS Neo. Therefore, the time to market PS Neo may be postponed until next year. According to 2CH users revealed that, in addition to these two home machine, SONY will also launch PS Vita successor models. This handheld is an upgraded version of PS Vita, will be compatible with all games currently PS Vita. (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章:

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