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Fixed income products force East Fund debt and capital preservation fund outstanding performance – fund channel with the investors and the bond market continued to mature Manniu market, more and more companies fund fixed income management skills valued by investors. Among them, the establishment of 12 years, after several rounds of market bear cattle conversion of the Oriental fund, this year has achieved impressive results in the field of fixed income, bond funds and capital preservation fund performance are ranked the forefront of similar products. According to WIND data show that as of September 7th, was founded in December 2014, the total return of the East Tim benefit fund up to 18.07%, the annual yield of 10.07%. It is worth mentioning that the fund’s net growth rate of 7.94% this year, ranking first in the same fund of the 363. In addition, according to the Milky Way securities data, as of September 2nd, the capital preservation fund in the East and East winner guaranteed guaranteed funds, the net growth rate this year were 7.07% and 3.93%, similar funds among the top and fifth. Fixed income products in addition to the performance of the outbreak of the bond market Manniu market, at the same time with the Oriental fund all-round multi strategy investment research system are inseparable. Orient fund fixed income Department Assistant General Manager, general manager Li Pu said that as a professional research team, the East Fund Based on in-depth study of the domestic bond market, the formation of a unique set of four investment strategies. First, through the selection, implementation of band operation; second: deep bond pricing errors, obtain excess returns; third: by choosing different structural duration strategy, rational allocation of assets; Fourth: using the rating method, tracking has potential bond rating upgrades. "The more simple the strategy is, the more effective it is." Li Pu said the key is to see when to use, how to use, this is the most test fund managers and investment research team of research and investment skills. In the process of investment, by effectively grasp some bands, continuous small victories, after a long period of time, often can gain good market. In fact, fixed income investment is gradually becoming the core of the fund’s investment banking business. Orient fund fixed income investment research team adhere to the absolute return strategies in quantitative risk control measures of CPPI and TIPP technology as the foundation, by setting the safety cushion of high defensive bonds and volatility low offensive bond investment proportion of the dynamic adjustment, control the investment risk, to achieve steady growth in net the.相关的主题文章:

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