Shenzhen Hong Kong through market exercises at the end of October the deployment mechanism is expect doat

Shenzhen Hong Kong through market exercises at the end of October the deployment mechanism is expected to officially open in November Chinese securities news according to the Hongkong Stock Exchange on Friday announced that in October 29-30 and November 5-6 market exercises, to verify whether the market participants have been ready for the Shenzhen. CICC believes that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the most likely opening time is 11 months in mid to late December. The Hongkong stock exchange and vice president of Mainland Affairs Assistant Wang Longhai said recently, according to the institutional arrangements and technical aspects for the time required for about three to four months. The material contains 883 north to the Shenzhen Hong Kong stocks in August 26th the Hong Kong stock exchange of Hong Kong Shenzhen Tong South requirements into the explanation to the stock based on the estimation of Shenzhen Hong Kong Gold North contains a total of 883 stocks, the number of shares were trading volume accounted for Shenzhen City duty ratio was 49% 72% 65%; together with the Hong Kong Shanghai, north to the subject of accounting for A the number of shares, on duty volume ratio was 50% 79% 64%; Shenzhen Tong South contains a total of 420 stocks (including 108 new components, the number may be included in the city) were on duty in Hongkong market transactions accounted for respectively 22% 85% 90%. The Shenzhen effect after the launch, Shun International chief analyst Han agreed, will be far greater than the Shanghai and Hong kong. Hong Kong and Shanghai through the next period of time through the Hong Kong stocks through the flow of funds to observe, North Water South enthusiasm unprecedented. The devaluation of the RMB hedging demand, and the current A stock market lower risk appetite background more or Hong Kong stocks relative to a discount of approximately 20% of the land valuation advantage, and domestic funds dispersed investment demand was also increased. Hong Kong stocks since June this year, the trend has been stronger than the A shares, big blue chip Holdings Tencent (0700.HK) the market value of more than 2 trillion, topped the Asian king, under the effect of making money, money chasing has become behoove. The annual inflow of funds of about 2500-5000 billion A shares through different methods of static estimation, is expected in the next 5 years, the average annual inflow of mainland Hong Kong stocks of about 2000-4000 billion yuan, 5 years in the mainland capital on the Hong Kong stock shareholding proportion is expected to increase 5-10 percentage points, trading volume accounted for up to 15%-30%. Taking into account the interconnection mechanism and open the MSCI index system may be included in the A shares, A shares within 10 years, the proportion of foreign ownership is expected from the current about 1% of the proportion gradually increased to about 5-10% level (equivalent to South Korea, Taiwan and other markets before and after 2000, the average annual level) to the north into the A shares of funds of about 2500-5000 billion yuan, the average daily trading volume accounted for about 2-5% than the level. CICC believes that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the introduction of good two markets, more bullish on stocks. Gold pointed out that in the long term the interconnection mechanism will have a profound impact, including diversification, the two markets trading strategy and product pricing system, promote the integration between the two markets A share regulatory philosophy and system toward a more mature, more international trend forward for the two financial ecology including brokerage and asset management industry have a profound impact, the two regulatory the system framework and the need to constantly adjust to cope with the challenges of money exchange, etc.;相关的主题文章:

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