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Shanghai primary school "and" comprehensive evaluation   percentile ranking and education to replace the original title: Shanghai ABCD primary school "and" comprehensive evaluation percentile ranking and replace the original title in ABCD: a scientific evaluation is to encourage children to learn, rather than the full implementation of the evaluation of learning outcomes in Shanghai primary school "grade evaluation system" talk found the law of the water circulation and writing English story, 4 people in each group according to the requirements of different sizes of graphics paper, while reading the text while thinking of comments…… Can you imagine that these vivid classes will be in the middle class of Shanghai ‘s senior middle school students in September? More attractive than the classroom form is the change of the learning evaluation system of the whole primary school in Shanghai. The children are good, not by test scores to speak, but by the teachers in the daily observation, written test and oral test, classroom questioning, work analysis, interviews, recording and performance tasks in scoring". But this scoring is not 100 points in the dozens of points, but by A, B, C, or excellent, good, qualified, must be replaced, such as efforts. None of the students will get a score at the end of the term. Children and parents will only get a thick layer of the evaluation, it will tell the parents, whether the children have enough interest in a subject, children in a certain course of study habits of how well the children of a discipline knowledge to what extent. In August 25th, Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission was informed that from the beginning of this year, starting in September, Shanghai will fully implement the "primary school grade evaluation system". In order to one and two against the enthusiasm of a child in the end worth Shanghai education Christian Education Department researcher Zhu Lei saw a primary school in Shanghai in the early years of the "ideal education". Now, she would like to see this ideal model in the country to promote. One of the students in this school, because the math is not good enough to learn, serious lack of confidence. On one occasion, the math teacher gave him 10 test questions, he finished after the result is 60 points, there are 10 questions in the 4 questions do not score. Make Zhu Lei happy is that the teacher was not in his test paper to write ugly "60 hours", but to tell the student, if he can learn these topics within a week, can give him to score. In addition to their own reading, he can also to students, parents, other teachers for help. A week later, when the students get out of order, with the correction used a variety of possible ways of papers to the teacher, math teacher gave him a big 100". Zhu Lei told reporters that in the future, get such treatment in Shanghai will not be the case. Because, according to the new "and" evaluation methods, so that students can at least two important aspects in the "interest in learning" and "learning habits", A or good. Deputy director of Teaching Research Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Tan Yibin introduced the "grade system" evaluation mechanism launched in Shanghai with a general and divided by the fractional "grade)相关的主题文章:

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