Shanghai 18 cars smashed glass Jiading police cracked series of theft (video)-segotep

Shanghai 18 cars smashed glass Jiading police cracked a series of thefts in the day before yesterday (21 days), Jiading police uncovered recently occurred in the Jiading metro area (Malu town), smashing windows theft car material series of cases, captured suspectedserial criminal suspect Wu, and in the Baoshan District temporary residence, seized a total value of 100 thousand the stolen goods. The morning of October 9th, Jiading Public Security Bureau police station received the area involved more than people in the case said, Akesu Road (double road to Feng Zhou Lu), there are 18 cars parked on the roadside car was smashed glass, car stolen goods. Police access to surveillance incident near that day morning, a man riding around in this area, suspicious appearance and movements. According to the comparison, the police quickly identified the identity of the suspect Wu, and identified the foothold of Wu in Baoshan, seized a large number of stolen goods such as wallet. Jiading Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment police told reporters that the 30 oil card found in the suspect Wu family, four, fifty bank cards, a dozen bags and dozens of mobile phone. After investigation, Wu Mouceng repeatedly because of theft by the public security organs to deal with. In the trial process, although he denied in various ways, but in the face of police questioning can not justify themselves. "" "Shanghai today recommended:" hippocampus "this rain ceased in Shanghai next week over the weekend to rainy Shanghai Nenjiang road through the provision of Engineering: the future along this road trip to the Pudong a 2 year old boy fire channel window fall dead neighbor window lost 230 thousand high-grade residential security under the stone" guard from pirates "stolen owners the cupboard key steal into rain Water Leakage socket" Fountain "upstairs downstairs neighbor can suffer" "" wonderful video: Yang Mi Liu Yifei in "black and white" birthday blessings called heavy pains Shaanxi: night even steal four stores unexpectedly confronted police (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

沪18辆轿车被砸玻璃 嘉定警方破获系列盗窃案 前天(21日),嘉定警方破获了一起近期发生在嘉定新城(马陆镇)地区的,砸窗盗窃车内物系列案件,擒获连续作案的犯罪嫌疑人吴某,并在其宝山区暂住地,查获总价值10万多元的被盗物品。10月9日上午,公安嘉定分局马陆派出所的民警接到辖区内多名市民报案称,在阿克苏路的(双单路至封周路)段,有18辆停放在路边的轿车被人砸破玻璃,偷走车内物品。警方调阅案发地附近的监控后发现,当天凌晨,有一名骑车男子在这一区域徘徊,形迹可疑。根据比对,警方很快确定了嫌疑人吴某的身份,并查明了吴某在宝山的落脚点,查获了钱包等大量被盗物品。公安嘉定分局刑侦支队民警告诉记者,在嫌疑人吴某家中搜出了三十余张油卡,四、五十张银行卡,十几个皮包还有十几部手机。经查,吴某曾多次因盗窃受到公安机关打击处理。在审讯过程中,他虽然是百般抵赖,但面对民警的追问又不能自圆其说。》》》大申今日推荐:“海马”大雨今渐止 申城下周周中到周末再转阴雨沪嫩江路道路辟通工程:未来沿此可一路行至浦东2岁男童消防通道窗口坠亡 邻居窗下放石头赔23万高档小区保安“监守自盗” 偷业主鞋柜里钥匙行窃大雨漏水插座成“喷泉” 楼上楼下邻里齐遭殃》》》精彩视频:杨幂在刘亦菲生日放“黑白照”送祝福被骂心机重 陕西:一夜连偷四家店 不料迎面遇警察 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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