September market adjustments to start the investment must look at the three quarterly face act zhuxianduowan

The market in September three quarterly investment must be adjusted to start the "face" act Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock Jiepan election Niugu tournament Securities Times reporter Tang Yaping on Thursday, A shares in the first trading day of September, the Shanghai index performance is still sluggish, the gem outperformed the motherboard, disk stocks are active, but cannot drive the popularity, near the late A shares three index suddenly quickly sell, eventually the market transactions to the end of the day fell slightly. The two volume is still in the doldrums, the total turnover of 454 billion 700 million yuan, the industry sector Pudie, heavyweights drag index, real estate stocks led the two cities. At the close, the Shanghai composite index reported 3063.31 points, down 0.72%, turnover of 177 billion 90 million yuan; Shenzhen stock index reported 10669.51 points, down 0.82%, turnover of 277 billion 790 million yuan; the gem closed at 2181.33 points, down 0.48%, turnover of 80 billion 320 million yuan. After the interview, many investors fall beyond the expected, late three index shows that the market short-term rapid sell has to make a choice. The market in September to adjust the stock investors start to pay attention to the results of September, the investment must be three quarterly advance by the "face". Analysts believe that the market in August to on line three Yang market does not constitute a perfect ending, "Kim Gu" logic, on the contrary, 3 months of continuous rise in the September adjustment pressures. From the domestic point of view, adjust the pressure in stocks and plates. Ending in August, the index rose slightly, the stock index rose 3.56% month. But stocks broad differentiation and alarming, the two cities a total of 2098 stocks rose, 1441 stocks outperformed the market in the same period monthly increase since July this year, excluding the new shares listed, the development of Langfang (up 122.4%), chemical (up 95.13%), paramount (up 84.57%) and other stocks accumulated in August rose more than 80%; China calxon (up 65.29%), housing development (up 50.79%) and other 10 stocks in August cumulative gainers and over 50%. From an international perspective, September is usually the worst month for the stock market. Foreign media attention in September the global market ushered in super month, increasing the number of disturbing factors. The Fed’s recent frequent campaign for the rate hike, the FOMC meeting in September to become the market short-term focus. The future is the need to track the variables: Beijing time on Friday (September 2nd) U.S. payrolls data released late September 8th; the European central bank interest rate decision in September 15th; the British central bank interest rate decision; in September 21 the Federal Reserve interest rate decision. It is noteworthy that in the interest rate hike is expected to rebound in the background, investors are very concerned about the payrolls data, fed vice chairman Fisher said Tuesday that if Friday’s nonfarm payrolls report in line with expectations, can pave the way for the fed before the end of the first or two rate hike. With the above background observation, at home and abroad and the disturbance factors increased, A stock market in September start, stock performance is more and more important concern. Statistical analysis of data from the September three quarterly advance by the investment must be "face", in line with stock selection logic. Semi annual report相关的主题文章:

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