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The Samsung Note7 suspected "two even fried" sales platform is not under the frame – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 19th news (reporter Zhou Yifan F Bbu Ciugene) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that due to the frequent occurrence of overheating, combustion, explosions and other incidents, Samsung Corp announced the worldwide recall of 2 million 500 thousand, Note7 mobile phone, but the sale Chinese, country line version, the Samsung Corp that the state line version of Note7 battery is not the same, so you can rest assured to buy. But in these two days, the user posted a post in Note7, said he bought a line in the country to buy the Samsung Note7 coral blue version of the explosion occurred in the use of, which is considered the first case of Chinese version. Last night, paste it came news, an example of the country’s golden version of Note7 explosion. Samsung how to respond to the state line version of the incident? Note7 super configuration, handwriting, iris recognition, waterproof is placed in a variety of situations one by one, it is unexpected that Note7 does not seem to protect the safety of consumers. After South Korea, the United States and other places occurred more than Samsung Note7 mobile phone explosion, the state line version also appeared the same problem. 18, netizen "Chihuahua you" in the Samsung Note7 Post Bar post, said his mobile phone exploded, and he also put on the damaged mobile phone and mobile phone photos, purchase certificates for the Jingdong, said the owner’s friend Mr. Yao received China voice interview in last night: "when you play no, charging case, mobile phone and mobile phone suddenly black screen in shock, a cell expansion he felt bad, next to a lost exploded. Prior to know the possibility of foreign explosion, but China has not burst." Jingdong confirmed that through the inquiry, this phone is indeed by Samsung (China) straight supply: according to the phone’s IMEI code confirmation, it should be purchased from Jingdong." Mr. Yao said, then Samsung and the owner made contact, said mobile phone to recover and return the money. But the owner refused this solution, he hopes for all Note7 users, Samsung can China area, puts forward the overall scheme: "hope Samsung will provide public reply, fry is not a person, as long as the bombing is a nationwide mobile phone, we will not look so simple. To receive, first, through the media, the media coverage of the face, and then to give a commitment to receive a person or all. Second, should not let the quality inspection departments to solve this problem, rather than let samsung. At night, the most angry is that my friend had just returned home, I saw him sign here, signed the word they do not give any commitment to take away the phone to the money back to their families." This news has been confirmed indirectly from the Jingdong there, the mobile phone from Samsung were detected, the specific reasons and solutions to test results come out: "the mobile phone to Samsung inspection, what specific reason should be there for samsung. They should have a reply soon." Last night, another user posted his own gold version of the Note7 explosion pictures, two mobile phone explosion appearance similar to the front panel burned badly.相关的主题文章:

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