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ReadyConference Plus Providing a wide array of calling features and capabilities with the convenience of paying as you go, PGi ReadyConference Plus performs as a top-notch audio conferencing service . With dedicated dial-in numbers and passcodes hosting an audio conference has never been easier. Ac.modating up to 125 participants per meeting, ReadyConference Plus enhances every aspect of your audio conferencing experience on both the host and user ends. Creating meetings consists of a simple two-step process of simply selecting a meeting time and date and sending out an email to all attendees with dial-in numbers and passcodes. While maintaining un.plicated entry for attendees, hosts are given a plethora of controls to only raise the standard of every conference call. Through a few convenient key .mands, audio conferencing hosts are able to utilize a series of tools mid-meeting. The functionality of these tools proves itself as hosts are able to keep meetings organized and productive through gathering total attendee count, receiving a full roll call, muting or unmuting attendees, quickly disconnecting participant lines, recording, adjusting meeting security, and the instant ability to record and play a customized prompt all with the ease of painless three character key .mands. To .pliment the audio aspect of ReadyConference Plus, PGi also offers a web portion to strengthen the content and .munication of your meetings. Through the web-based interface attendees and hosts are able to chat and raise their hands while an Active Talker symbol easily identifies whos speaking. The web-based platform also allows you to view important account information, check usage, create reports, and review invoices. PGi ReadyConference is a premiere audio conferencing service. It is an automated service that facilitates a conference call for up to 125 users. One of the main benefits of PGi ReadyConference is that it allows you to cut back on costly and inconvenient business travel. By conferencing rather than traveling you are saving money and time. With streamlined scheduling through an Outlook toolbar, online account support and management, and international dial-out capabilities all for as little as cent on the minute, ReadyConference Plus offers an ideal audio conferencing solution for your business. If youre interested in reducing downtime and saving thousands of dollars, audio conferencing could be the solution youve been searching for. As a world leader in web and audio conferencing solutions, PGi once again provides a real top-shelf service with ReadyConference Plus. Contact a Conference Shopper representative today for more information! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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