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Travel-and-Leisure You can conclude your trip to India by visiting the noble and majestic land of Rajasthan. Travel agents all across the world will not fail to re.mend Rajasthan for your travel itinerary. If India is the cultural axis of the world, Rajasthan displays Indian culture with striking peculiarity. The blazing desert on the west and the urbane civilization spread across the East, paints a unique picture about Rajasthan. It hoards countless treasures disguised as monumental palaces, museums, places of worship and adventurous bustle within and around its outskirts. This place is well-suited for the royals and still chants the heroic deeds of Rajputs, the native warrior clan of Rajasthan. Rajasthan travel agents help you embark on a royal journey to the kingdom of warriors and blue bloods. Shekhawati: Rajasthan travel agents refer to this place as the largest and most prominent art gallery of the world. With havelis (mansions) made of painted marbles, it be.es difficult to shift your concentration from one wall to another. The murals on the walls are distinctive, not only in make but in design and technique too. Rich in colors and immense in size, these mansions are landmarks of Shekhawati. You will see Lord Krishnas depictions on each wall in different poses, keeping the sacredness of the place and structure intact. One of the mansions display a slew of railway coaches, in order to paint the said creation, the artists were taken to Bombay (Mumbai) to see a steam engine. All the havelis differ in design and architecture, which was of utmost importance in the olden times, to dictate the hierarchical position. Sneh Ram Ladia Haveli is worth a visit. Abhaneri: The Chand Baori step well is one of the unusual architecture wonders of the world. Situated in Abhaneri, this gigantic step well is steep and narrow, with an emerald green pool at the end. The steps all around the well are in a zigzag pattern that leads to the pool, which is a drinking source for the nearby villages. It is known as the biggest step well in India and has been in news for its deadly life endangering steepness. The dramatic architecture of the well is hard to capture because of the barricades affixed that restrict the way to the pool. The outskirts of Abhaneri give an account of the British Raj in India, with withered relics of a railway station, railway quarters, a market place and a Church abandoned on the sides. Abhaneri is not mentioned in any of the tourist maps. Ranthambore: Travel agents allow you to have a face to face encounter with Tigers in their natural habitat when on a trip to the national park of Ranthambore. With the highest count of Tigers in India, this park has a colossal fort looming over magnificent lakes. Adventure junkies will love this paradisiacal greenland because of the dense flora and fauna en.passment. Take this fierce trip through the jungles, because Ranthambore is your only chance to capture the beasts who survive the wild. Rajasthan travel agents know about places which are not yet tagged on the maps, thus helping you experience Rajasthan like never before. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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