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Qiandao Lake new ways — dream underwater Millennium City, slow travel tourism experience meditation – Sohu was born in 1400 in front of the ancient city of lion (hence Anxian said Singapore) in 1959 because of the Xin’An River hydropower station construction is the vast expanse of water flooded; 2002 because of CCTV news tracking reports, people will focus in here; in 2011, the underwater millennium city was published in the "Journal of China National Geographic, making it once again attracted the attention of the people; in 2012, 5 consecutive days CCTV live underwater city quest, people here full of curiosity. Fortunately, Chunan is now the water under the Millennium ancient copy all ashore, the new city was built in the city from the site of the nearest town on ginger. The so-called tourism, is nothing more than a line, live, eat, swim four aspects, so from this four aspects about it: traffic: in Qiandao Lake, in fact, Wen Yuan Singapore from Qiandao Lake or some distance, starting from Hangzhou to Qiandaohu town from the sun through the Qiandao Lake bridge, along the Fen line 1000 it opened 39 kilometers before reaching the wenyuange Lion City, the road opened for more than 3.5 hours, from dusk till early on the full moon hanging, fortunately travel mood is happy. Accommodation: want to play well, it is best to live in the old city one night two nights, there are different accommodation can choose. Want private luxury, can choose the Greenland Group’s El Luxor Hotel – Qiandao Lake Wenyuan Singapore platinum Swiss resort hotel, the hotel in the city from the site of the recent Jiang Jia Zhen Wen Yuan City scenic area, scenic spots and almost seamless. The hotel logo: the lobby of the hotel named "five lion", you can see the antique architectural style, asked the staff, said that this is in accordance with the now under water city building restoration. The beam on the fine carving hall rest space as a villa style hotel, a total of 83 beautiful antique Huizhou style villa here. Hotel room signs: along the way, all kinds of colorful flowers bloom. The hotel will arrange the guests with the housekeeper, came to my room, and saw the surprise, the room doors are hanging lanterns, lanterns will mark the guest’s name, let the guests feel warm and attention. I stay at the Lakeview one bedroom suites, villas on the two floor, I feel a person really live in luxury. There is a small courtyard outside the villa. The villa door is the original bolt. Open the door, the first floor is the reception space from the stairs to the two floor of the bedroom bedroom is quite large, steady wind China design with bright yellow background, looks very pleasing. Welcome fruit in the room, people feel the hospitality of the hotel. The tea set in the room is placed in the cabinet next to the tv. The相关的主题文章:

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